Saturday 1 December 2007

What's The Time, Mr. Wolf?

Another week of being rather lax with blog posting - as I scroll down the section in the column which categorises posts by months, I'm astonished that I managed 28 in October and May. Well, 24 isn't bad for November. Especially since 30-days-have-September, April-June-and-November (do they still teach children that in Primary School? It all tails off in 'except for February alone, which has 28, unless it's a leap year...' - not so much with the scansion, there).

I'm currently at 'work' in the Bodleian - my Saturday duty, which I do once a month. Except term ended yesterday, and only the very dedicated h
ave shown up to study once everyone else has gone home. Not run off my feet. And all this got me thinking about the blogging schedule - what time do you blog? What time do you read blogs, or go through the daily blog-crawl? Same time everyday? Whenever you have a moment?

With some exceptions (like today), I blog between 10.30-midnight just before I go to bed. That's because the mornings are invariably a rush, and the evenings seem more flexible - but also explains why I never had photographs taken in the light, and why I'm often ineloquent and sleepy-sounding...

My blog-crawl comes at about 10.00, when the morning rush is over in the library and I have time to look through some websites. That might change when I start in the main Bodleian on Monday... I've already talked about the blogs I visit daily, and it's nice to know which ones will have something new. Dovegreyread
er seems to update at early o'clock, with Random Jottings not long after - Cornflower will be mid-morning, usually, and so it goes on. All gets a bit more confusing with US blogs, which probably get updated while I'm asleep, but a check at 10.00 will generally insure something different has arrived.

And al
l this is by way of a sort-of apology - because I daresay my regular visitors hope to see something arrive before midnight (or, rather, be there in the morning) so those of you who checked in early this morning... sorry. I was asleep!

And to offset an apology with a thanks - three of you lovely people offered me a cutting of the Guardian bit mentioning me, so thanks Julie, Carole and Peter (I assume Dark Puss can't read?) and especial thanks to Julie who was first, and thus to whom I responded first, and is responsible for the article now on my desk at home!


  1. "except February alone, which has 28 days clear, and 29 in every leap year". At least it rhymes.

  2. "except for February alone, which has 28 days clear, and 29 in each leap year"
    Subtle eh?

  3. Don't feel bad ... if you've visited my blog lately you'll have noticed that I haven't posted for a week ... and that my total for November is a measly 5 ... or is it 6?

    Must try harder ... .

  4. Dark Puss is mortified that you think he cannot read!

    However he never uses the "b word" (see Cornflower's weblog for a discussion on this term some months ago) for reading the few weblogs that he frequents. He is usually to be found reading them in the evening. I don't run a weblog so I don't have to do that sort of posting, though I do update work-related sites from time to time (rather too infrequently at the moment actually).

  5. Reading Blogs: I usually log-on mid-afternoon (or early evening) - check my email - look in on 4 (of 6) yahoo groups (2 seldom have anything new) - then, cruise by a few blogs: SiAB, cornflower, and Anne's Space :-) - and, occasionally, click on one or more blogs from your list or cornflower's (especially dovegreyreader).
    I don't have a blog - though am the owner of one of the y-groups and co-manager of another. The closest thing I have to a blog would be a few postings on yahoo 360 where I post a photos with comments. So, no regular postings - am very remiss with my small y-group lately.

  6. Have to read your blog, Simon, pluse dgr and 'me and my big mouth', 'open a bookshop...' and Crockatt and Powell before i start work in the morning (ie before 8.30) Then blog before everybody else in the family gets home (ie before about 6). Would love to do late night blogging, it just doesn't fit in with everybody else's schedule!!


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