Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Year One : The Sketches

These are the sketches from my first year of blogging - most of 'em only make sense in context, so click on them for a link to the relevant post. They're intended to be fun rather than demonstrating great artistic ability, I must confess, so in that light - enjoy!


  1. I have to say I love the one of viewing figures of P&P - even out of context! I will freely admit that when I am feeling down, I skip to my top bits of this wonderful drama. But then I do the same with Emma Thompson's S&S too!

  2. Hi, I've just clicked on one of your pics and, predictably, it was the one with the "babe" and the swearword bubble! Does that make me a target reader for Woo Hoo Magazine? To save my reputation I'll have to click on one of the more highbrow links instead. Or the psycho one. Cheers, Pete

  3. Me again. Just read the Yellow Wallpaper piece and I'm very glad I did. Brilliant. Thanks for the reading tip, sounds way better than Woo Hoo m/z ;-)

  4. Really great to see all of these in one place. You could publish them in a book for yourself.

  5. ure funny and clever, like i think all my friends should be.... . i wish i was that lucky to meet you someday. keep on the great work here.


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