Monday 10 December 2007

Secret Santa

I attended rather a fun Secret Santa party this evening, and this is what I got:

1) All Passion Spent by Vita Sackville-West
2) A Month in the Country by J. L. Carr
3) The Go-Between on DVD

Doesn't Santa know me well? Helps that I talk a lot about my literary likes and dislikes - always feel bad when I realise I don't know the preferences of those around me, when mine are well known. Perhaps because, where many of my friends have devotion towards certain sports or instruments or activities, I profess a deep-set adoration for Virginia Woolf and Jane Austen. Hmm. BUT these wonderful gifts are much appreciated, and perform that wonderful feat of being both beautiful and having great contents. Or so I assume - have not read/seen any of them, but am most confident. And now I can join in Cornflower's Book Group!


  1. Oh Simon, The Other Santa is really struggling to find a book you haven't got!

  2. I do hope you like A Month in the Country - it would be one of my 50 books you must read. As for OVW's plaintive cry, have you read Margaret Craven's ' I Heard the Owl Call my Name'? One of the most beautiful books i have ever read. My only criticism is that it's too short!

  3. A Month in the Country, an absolute all time favourite. Read it all in one go and enjoy.

  4. Fabulous haul! Lucky you.
    A Month in the Country is one of my enduring favorites. I command you to read it immediately!

  5. Dark Puss, who clearly leads a sheltered life, enquires as to what a "Secret Santa" party is.

  6. This relates to your Sunday blog which I loved. You can never go wrong with a cat they are such fun. I go to Brighton by bus every Tuesday and Muffet, my cat now does a dying duck impersonation on tuesdays with the hope I'll stay in and she can sit on me for hours. Sorry Muffet doesn't work.

  7. Sounds like a good haul for a Secret Santa! Thanks for the link to the Cornflower book group. By chance, I started All Passion Spent this very morning so look forward to joining in the fun.

  8. What was OVW doing on the computer at 4.08 am? asks OV

    To answer Peter the Flautist - since no one else has - a Secret Santa is normally a group of friends who rather than all giving each other a bar of chocolate decide that each person will give one present to a member of the group, allocated by a random draw so that no one knows the person who gave them their present. There is often a financial arrangement that says - for instance - each person will spend £10.


  9. Simon, have you read All Passion Spent yet? I've read it two or three times. I love it! That and Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont make me weep like a fountain.

  10. It's so nice having friends who actually pay attention to your book interests! I have to be pretty explicit to family members to get books--and most friends buy other things. I guess they must think I already have too many books... I need to get going on All Passion Spent, too.


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