Tuesday 18 December 2007

Top Ten... of 2007

And here we are!
I've spent my day in the kitchen, making my vegetarian Christmas dinner to freeze (artichoke and wild mushroom pie) so I don't get in Our Vicar'
s Wife's way come Christmas Eve. Also made some mince pies (and variants with syrup and with honey as the Carbon Copy doesn't like mince pies) and something made entirely of cream, chocolate and Baileys. Mmm.
At the end of that, which was great fun, seems right to share 2007's top reads. I know you've thought of little else for the past week...
Here goes...

10. Three Men In A Boat - Jerome K. Jerome
Wonderfully funny, and must read the sequel before too long. More here.

9. Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead - Barbara Comyns

Surreal but special - in the 50 Books... here.

8. Watching the English - Kate Fox

Fascinating pop-anthropology about my very own English people. Also in th
e 50 Books... back when I took much effort over my photgraphs... here.

7. The London Scene - Virginia Woolf

Our friend Ginny has appeared in '04, '05, '06 and '07. What an accolade for the lass.

6. Cymbeline - William Shakespeare

Not one of his most popular plays, but read the final scene as comedy and you're away.

5. Speaking of Love - Angela Young

Neighbour to Billybob, Angela! Another 50 Books... entrant; look out for the paperback in 2008.

4. A Winter Book - Tove Jansson
Read it on a beautiful beach - maybe I should give this book a re-rea
d in more wintery temperatures. More here...

3. The Love Child - Edith Olivier
A bit like Miss Hargreaves in that it's domestic life with a fantasy twist, the protagonist conjures to life an imaginary childhood companion, but power tussels ensue... more on The Love Child soon.

2. One Pair of Hands - Monica Dickens
Been ages that I'd intended to read some Monica Dickens, and what a treat I'd been missing. Makes the fourth 50 Books... this year. So what beat it?

1. The Bible
No, not the first year I read any of the Bible, of course, but I did finish reading it this year. Started with "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" and ended with "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people. Amen". Not really going to be any competition, is there?


  1. If Speaking of Love could speak for itself it would tell you how honoured it is to make your Top Ten in 2007, and in such sparkling company.

    I, who can speak (or write, in this case), want to thank you so much for your championing of my first novel. Thank you, Simon.

  2. Dear Simon,
    Top blogs of 07 'Stuck in a book' and 'Random Jottings'.May I wish you a really blessed time as I know your vision of Xmas is mine and that you celebrate it as the coming of Christ. When my sprogs were home we always sang 'Happy Birthday Dear Jesus'.I think we should sing it in church too.Every good wish. daphne

  3. We sing it in church in Bristol! (Or at least we did back in the day ;o)


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