Friday 14 December 2007

Back in the 'hood

Very nice to be back in the rural idyll that is Chiselborough, Somerset, England. I'm not back to work until January 10th, by which time I might have forgotten quite how early 7.30am feels. Since most of the people reading this probably rise at 6 or thereabouts, so I shan't moan - but nor shall I get up early for the next couple of weeks if I have anything to say about it.

So why have I taken leave and come home to Somerset early? Well, since you ask - for the West Chinnock Christmas Extravaganza. In case you're compiling a catalogue of my various abilities, don't pop acting on the list. Before you think I'm being modest, the crowd at West Chinnock Christmas Extravaganza wholly agree with me. We've just come back from delivering our sketch, and it was rather a tough crib - but lots of nice people said they enjoyed it afterwards. The Carbon Copy penned the script, which was very funny, and we all played ourselves, preparing for the Extravaganza. A bit of metatheatre, if you will. Lots of bits of sketches and awful puns and the sorts of things which village shows require - though we refused to provide their favourite fare of semi-nudity and toilet humour. They'd have loved Renaissance drama...

I've been busy compiling my Top Ten Books of the Year, more difficult this year than I remember it being before, but I'm going to whet your appetite over the next few days with 2004, 2005 and 2006's top tens. And I might even give you a run down of all the books I've read this year. Something to look out for...


  1. Not you, I presume, then, in the photograph?

    Looking forward to your Top Tens.

  2. No, the photograph is merely a Google search for 'pantomime dame' - inaccurate, really, since it is more a sketch show than a pantomime.

  3. Well, tell us more about that script by C.C. I was wanted to ask about that photo - but see that you've covered that. I couldn't put the two together in my mind.


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