Sunday, 12 December 2010

Song for a Sunday

I can't believe I haven't featured the wonderful Bic Runga here yet. She's very well known in her native New Zealand, but rather less so further afield. 'Say After Me' is from her third album, Birds.

For all previous Sunday Songs, click here. I know these posts tend to generate far fewer comments than my book-centred posts - understandably so - but I hope one or two of you enjoy hearing songs you might otherwise miss!


  1. Not sure I agree with "understandably so" Simon! I'm not sure Bic is totally my sort of thing, but my tastes run wide and deep in music and I'm always up for something new. You may have noticed some posts on MCS that illustrate this recently.

  2. Thanks for the song! I really like your Sunday Songs :-)

  3. I find these posts interesting (and educational since typically I've never heard of the artists you share). I think I must've stopped keeping up with current music in the early 90s. Once I was home with kids all day, the radio just didn't get turned on as much as the CDs did. :) That said, there's never a day without music.

  4. DP - the reason I say 'understandably so' is only because this is a book blog, so I can guarantee that returning visitors here will have at least a passing interest in the books I discuss; not necessarily the music!

    Willa - thanks my dear :)

    Susan - good good! Although you'd be unlikely to hear any of these people on the radio - I tend to go for artists outside the mainstream, rather,

  5. Ooh, like this Simon. Very mellow.

  6. Keep them coming, Simon. My favourite so far was the Alex Cornish. I had not heard of him before, but now I'm sampling the album. It seems his songs have been on national radio, American TV shows and even movies: which shows my finger is a long way from the pulse!


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