Saturday, 4 December 2010

Novella Weekend: Post 3

I started well... but then I had lunch, fell asleep... and was feeling so lousy that I needed to talk to Mum and Dad to make myself feel better. Parents are good for that, aren't they?

So, it's taken me quite a while, but now we're two books down - with Tepper Isn't Going Out by Calvin Trillin finished. It's not really a novella, but it is a thin book... oh, and I also got about 30pp. into another book and stopped - I haven't decided yet whether or not to finish it...


  1. I m just on your no1 of books you should read ,the summer book third today so doing well may get two more done tomorrow hopefully ,all the best stu

  2. Hi there Simon, hope you are enjoying your novella weekend. Just posted a little something about Mapp and Lucia and mentioned you :-)

  3. Hi Si - I think you've passed on that cold over the phone wires. Pausing between Christingle and Pub Quiz!


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