Saturday 12 March 2011

Novella Weekend: Ready, Steady...

No Miscellany today, as this is the first post of my Novella Weekend. It's the third one I've done, and it's an idea I'm enjoying. I still haven't written about two of the three books I read last time. Three was a disappointing number, but the weekend was mostly occupied by my anxiety that I'd got appendicitis (which I didn't) - here's hoping this weekend is rather better!

I've got a pile of 15 books ready. Obviously I shan't get through that many, but it's nice to have a bit of choice. I'll let you know what I've read as and when I've read it... and if you're joining in with me, whether with one novella or ten, then let me know!

Happy weekend, y'all.


  1. I was just working on my own stack for tomorrow. Here at ye ole homestead we are having a house-wide "read-a-thon," and combining it with "talk like a Brit day." :)

  2. Happy weekend, Simon! I might join you for novella weekend if I feel like it. Have got a Muriel Spark on hand but not sure how I'll like it yet, so playing it by ear..

  3. Claire, read the Muriel Spark!

    Simon, I'll try and fit in some novellas this weekend, although it's a busy one. Enjoy.

  4. I'm not a great lover of novellas but I've just read one and plan to blog about it today or tomorrow. Not sure what joining you entails but I'll certainly send you a link to my post if that'll be any use.

  5. have read a couple of novellas this week, and hope too fit in another so will soon be telling you all about it. Sounds like you're having a ball.

  6. Have a great weekend, Simon!

    Susan in TX: I love it! Sounds like fun - maybe I'll see if Bill will join in, which he would probably do. :-)
    Nancy, from LA to MA via Kingsville TX (8/65-1268)

  7. Susan - thanks for participating! I'd love to be around for talk-like-a-Brit day, just to eavesdrop... my American friend Annie always sounds like a cross between the Queen and a cockney urchin when she tries... is it accent or vernacular too?

    Claire - glad you joined in! Hope you had a good weekend

    Claire B - thanks for helping persuade :)

    Harriet - it's all pretty informal, just getting people to pick up novellas if they wouldn't normally think of reading them, or fancy getting down a few on their tbr pile!

    Hayley - great! Will look forward to reading about them all. I do love novellas, as you know - but I do worry that in ten or twenty years' time all the books I have on my tbr shelves will be 300+ pages...

    Nancy - I *need* to hear sound recordings of these Brit-alikes!

  8. I managed to read just one -- The Victorian Chaise Longue -- and have written about it here:


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