Saturday 12 March 2011

Novella Weekend: Book Four

Oh dear, the shortest book took me the longest time so far - mostly because I fell asleep for a couple of hours. Think a cold might be on its way...

But what a reward when I did awake - this is the best of the four so far. Simply stunning: Paul Gallico's Love of Seven Dolls. I've had The Snow Goose and Jennie on my shelf for years, not to mention the Mrs. Harris books, but somehow I haven't got around to reading any of those yet - and this one, which only came to my shelves in January, was first to be read. I will read many more, of that I am sure.


  1. What a pretty cover. I haven't heard of it before though.

    I joined your novella weekend. Just finished Muriel Spark's The Ballad of Peckham Rye. Maybe read another one tonight or tomorrow. :)

  2. Please read Gallico's The Snow Goose. It's my favorite.

  3. I read Jennie many years ago and found it unbearably, heart-breakingly sad. I've never been able to read another animal-as-hero book since. But it was brilliant, if that helps!

  4. Could I borrow this at some point please? No rush. I love Jennie, The Snow Goose and Mrs Harris.

  5. It's so glad you like this,such a lovely little book. And you really must meet Mrs Harris Simon, I'm quite sure you will get along

  6. I loved snow goose but is only one of his books I ve read ,all the best stu

  7. I remember that one, there was a movie made from it that softened the harsher aspects of the story. And you should enjoy Mrs Harris once you make her acquaintance.

  8. Claire - Gallico seems to have been blessed with this one; all the covers I can find are lovely. Thanks for joining in the weekend!

    Diane - I sent off an email to my Mum asking me to bring it up to Oxfordnext week...

    skiourophile - brilliant and sad is just what I'm in the mood for often! I've really wanted to read this for ages, it just always seems to be other things which *just* take priority.

    Claire - :)

    Jane - I don't doubt that I will love Mrs. Harris - when I get to her! Maybe I need to devote a day to Gallico sometime, as it seems I could read most of his ouevre in that time...

    Stu - so many people love The Snow Goose, that I'm sure I will too.. will hopefully find out soon.

    Joy - whilst I was reading it I thought what a great film it would make, but couldn't find anything on - was it filmed under a different title?


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