Tuesday 8 March 2011

Many and Various (including two readalongs!)

One of those scramble-around-putting-various-things-I-probably-ought-to-have-mentioned-before type of posts, so get your mind set to miscellaneous...

1.) Another readalong idea that sprung out of the incredibly productive Virago Reading Week, and one that actually involves a book that's in print (I know! Imagine!) - Rachel (Book Snob), Claire (Paperback Reader) and I were discussing how we wanted to read more Elizabeth von Arnim, and have settled upon The Caravaners. We'd love you to join in - we plan to post thoughts in the week beginning 28th March, so a bit of time to get your hands on a copy and read along with us. Hope you can!

2.) More of an informal readalong - this weekend I'm planning another novella reading weekend. Well, short books of any variety - I'm thinking of branching out and grabbing a couple of poetry books off my shelf. Why not join in with me? Whether you're reading one novella or twelve, I've love some short-book company.

3.) I remembered that I hadn't done the draw for William - I really must stop having these prize draws and forgetting to draw the name. Patch has gone to bed now, so a random number generator is yet again coming to my aid - congratulations to A Bookish Space! Let me know your address, and I'll get William in the post to you...

4.) And finally - Wikio have let me know the latest of their rankings, and it does seem to be rather more book-focused than before - hurrah!

1 Charlie's Diary 2 Making it up 3 Book Chick City 4 Stuck In A Book 5 An Awfully Big Blog Adventure 6 Savidge Reads 7 Other Stories 8 Cornflower Books 9 booktwo.org 10 My Favourite Books 11BubbleCow 12 Asylum 13 Reading Matters 14 Vulpes Libris 15 Pepys' Diary 16 The Book Smugglers 17 State of Independents 18Baroque in Hackney 19 Elizabeth Baines 20 Joan Lennon

Ranking made by Wikio


  1. I won't be able to join y'all for the read along, but the novella weekend sounds good to me. Congrats to A Bookish Space on the draw!

  2. I read the caravaners a month or two back so will enjoy the read along. It's an interesting book and I can't wait to see what you make of it.

  3. Susan - maybe we'll persuade to get The Caravaners with all our enthusiastic reviews!

    Hayley - oh yes, I remember your review now - will go back and re-read your thoughts once I've compiled mine!

  4. Deep in the midst of some reading plans of my own, but we're planning a drive to visit The Heiress and check out a second-hand shop called Old Goat Books. You've given me a title to look for as it sounds really charming!


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