Saturday, 9 February 2008

Thank you Sarah!

It's always a happy experience to discover a parcel waiting at home - not least because it means someone happened to be in when the postman called, and I don't have to go through the rigmarole of arranging to collect it at a local Post Office, and then haring home from work to get there before it closes.

This parcel was even more exciting - a present from Australia! Th
ank you thank you thank you Sarah/Pink Lady Bug, I am delighted to receive The Angel in the Corner by Monica Dickens - and then an array of other things! A lovely postcard, several bookmarks, and (optimistically) a Christian-fish-symbol to put in my future car. All so thoughtful, and got here amazingly quickly, seeing as there are some parcels sent earlier from England for which I'm still waiting. So thank you Sarah!

I've not read any of Monica Dickens' more serious novels - only the light and excellent One Pair of Hands, One Pair of Feet and My Turn To Make The Tea (MD's experiences as cook, nurse and journalists respectively being the fodder for very funny novels). All the back tells me about The Angel in the Corner is "A tale of courage and willpower as a young girl faces degradation and humiliation in her marriage" - sounds daunting, but in the skilful hands of Monica Dickens, will doubtless also be a fascinating read.

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