Friday 29 February 2008

The Graduate

Brief post today - just to say I'm graduating tomorrow!

A ceremony in the Sheldonian (pictured) where we will have someone speak at us in Latin, bestowing upon us the Power of Lecturing, amongst other things. After that I will be able to wear my mortar board (cap) as much as I like - up until this date it came with a £35 fine. But had to be carried to exams.

All rather silly, but also rather special. I'll let you know how it went...


  1. Well I'd say that's rather special! Congratulations and have a lovely day. I remember the day of my college graduation very, very fondly.

  2. Congratulations! I've been to an Oxford graduation ceremony as a proud parent: it's totally OTT and I'm sure you and your guests will love it.

  3. So you graduate from carrying to wearing ... isn't that a glorious tradition?

    Happy, happy day.

  4. Many congratulations, if i were your Mother, a large wad of Kleenex would have to be on hand. It's a great acheivement. C.B.

  5. I'm reading this after the event but hope you had a wonderful time. I went to the Sheldonian when Mr. C. was being 'doctored' - he made three entrances, each time in a different gown - talk about Shirley Bassey!!

  6. The Mother managed without the kleenex but glowed with delight and pride! OVW


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