Tuesday 19 February 2008

The Homeland

As promised, a photographic telling of the trip The Carbon Copy and I took to Bredon Hill. This involved quite a lot of walking, as public transport, though good in Worcestershire, isn't a door-to-door sort of service. We walked from train station to bus stop (1.75 miles?) then from Eckington's bus stop to the hill (2 miles?) and then the walk proper began!

The most beautiful day of the year so far - intensely blue sky, not a cloud to be seen, and all with a nice brisk breeze to prevent overheating on the upwards slog. Couldn't have asked for better weather. Here's the target:

The walk starts with a fairly wide track, which meanders up through a few fields. The grass alongside provided ideal sledging ground in Winter, being neither too steep nor too tame - and with plenty of space for crash-landings. Yes, that is the moon in the background.

It is essential to stop and "admire the view" often - especially in the steeper areas.

Once up the track, and across the long lumpy-field, we enter a little woodland area. (There used to be various routes up, including one alongside a reservoir and then up a near-sheer bit, involving clutching onto clumps of gras... I don't miss that...) That's the wonder of Bredon Hill - something for everyone. For the incautious, or newbies, it is very easy to overshoot a turning in the wood, and end up many miles away...

The summit! This may look ugly to you, but it is Parson's Folly, and to The Carbon Copy and me represents the symbol of Parson's, our 'house' at First School (and, coincidentally, unquestionably the very best one). Rumour has it that the Folly was built in order to tip the hill into the mountain category, but not sure how true that one is.

Traditionally, children write their names in stones in this big dip on top of the hill. Many a time and oft I have done it, but The Carbon Copy vetoed the idea. I presume 'Peggy' made a recent visit, and has not had her handiwork left untouched.

The Elephant Stone - for obvious reasons. A natural climbing frame, and used as such by the intrepid.

Back on flat ground - this is taken from the road, but is more or less the view I had from my bedroom when we lived in Eckington. We had a lovely day, and I hope you've enjoyed the journey!


  1. Sorry this post is here twice - Blogger is playing up a little, and is obviously confused. Won't let me delete the other one... maybe it's because the trip was for twins?!

  2. Thanks for the pictoral tour!! Loved the photos - especially since I'm not a trekker or walker myself and could never have experienced it otherwise.
    nancy b t

  3. Loved the photos - as I'm from Worcestershire it brings back some lovely memories, not least riding on Bredon Hill on frosty mornings.

  4. Absolutely wonderful. thank you for sharing your day out with us.


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