Tuesday 5 February 2008


Sorry for lack of post yesterday, I was going to sing the praises of World Book Day's shortlist for Spread the Word books - you'll have to wait til later. I'm off work ill - not dreadful, but that weakness and lethargy and incapability that make going into work rather futile. And, yes, dear family, before you say anything, sometimes I am not weak, lethargic and incapable...


  1. How horrible for you. I hope the radio, the warmth of being inside and perhaps a little Echinacea (if it's a cold or the 'flu) will see you well as soon as ... .

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Simon. Also hope that you're not so energy-deprived and lethargic that you can't read. That takes away any of the up-side of being ill...

  3. Do hope you feel better soon. we're all rooting for you.hugs daphne


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