Friday 8 February 2008

I've been Normed!

Thanks, Karen, for alerting me to this - I've been Normed!

Norman Geras runs a blog at and on Fridays features a Blogger Profile - a sort of brief Q & A. This week it's me! See the profile here. Very exciting for me!

There's a link at the bottom of it to other, previous profiles - including, from my link list, Elaine, Karen, Lisa, Susan and Lynne.


  1. Those are great questions--I always had you pegged as a one book at a time sort of reader, but you are reading quite a few books at once. Sense and Sensibility is on my radar (I'm planning on reading--rereading all Jane Austen's work this year, though I cheated and started last December). I've not read S&S yet and it's next (loved Northanger Abbey, but it's not my favorite of hers).

  2. Hi Danielle - when I started this blog, I was one-book-at-a-time, but now university is over, I indulge in piles at a time!

  3. I used to just read one or two, but now I've become notoriously bad about opening everything in sight. I am trying to keep the stack down to a manageble size, however (maybe six instead of last year's 13 at once!). At least I am never at a loss for something to fit my mood, and there is usually a sort of method to my madness (one fiction, one NF, one classic, one mystery....).

  4. Jo Brand for prime minister - what an absolutely fabulous idea.

    And I look forward to Sinon, the autobiography of a bookaholic.

  5. Congratulations, it was interesting to read your views. To "Angela Young" - is Sinon a joke/pun in French on Simon's first name? Otherwise or Or else seems an interesting title for an autobiography.

  6. I loved reading your interview and was thrilled to see you like my blog.

    I'm tagging you for a meme see here 10 Signs a Book has been Written by Me

  7. Sorry not to enlighten you for so long, Peter - Sinon is a reference to an answer I gave in the profile, about potential autobiog titles.


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