Monday 29 October 2007

Where Connie Did Next

Sorry that I didn't give anyone a last-chance-warning on the draw for Miss Hargreaves, but it has now been made and a winner has been drawn! I hope you know the responsibility which goes alongside having Connie to stay. She's been in illustrious company - half the list of blogs under 'people to meet' have allowed her a brief visit which extended into a lifelong affection. Once in your head, she'll prove impossible to forget. For those who've yet to make even the most cursory acquaintance, let me direct you to my post about her here. For those who've yet to meet Connie even cursorily, here's a quick summary: Norman and his friend Henry are on holiday in Lusk - on a dull day they wander into a church, and have to make conversation with ean even duller verger. On the spur of the moment, Norman says he has a shared acquaintance with the parish's beloved ex-vicar - and that acquaintance is one Miss Hargreaves. She's nearly ninety, carries a hip flask, bath and cockatoo with her everywhere, not to mention Sarah the dog. Continuing the joke, they send a letter to her supposed hotel, asking if she'd like to come and stay. When Miss Constance Hargreaves arrives on a train, Norman has some explaining to do, and the strange occurences are just beginning...

Still haven't got my camera fixed, so just imagine that the draw took place underwater. Patch, being of a fluffy disposition, understa
ndably wouldn't like to be underwater - so I'm afraid I used a little box instead. It's quite pretty, but this doesn't come out at all in the picture.

Congratulations to...

For those without supervision, you'll have to trust me that the paper says DANIELLE - well done Danielle!! Book-swap ahoy. If you email me your address to, then I'll pop Miss H in the post to you - and I'll send you my address for the surprise package in return! How exciting! Will, of course, let you all know the book for which Connie has gone a-travelling...


  1. Miss Hargreaves reputation precedes her!! I'm very much looking forward to reading this as I have heard so many people talk about it! Many thanks! And I think I already know what will be winging its way across the Atlantic in exchange! I will be emailing you my address.

  2. I sent a comment yesterday about blurry pix but the blogware has eaten it! Check that your camera is still set to Automatic and not Manual. Usually there is a switch with M and A next to it, which can often get accidentally moved to the "other" position when getting the camera out of the case, or passing it to a friend etc etc. If it is Manual and you do not focus it, then you'll get blurred pix. Have a look and report back to us: we miss the crisp pix. We also missed the delicious caramel shortbread, unless you can send some as email attachments. Those of us who have let Miss Hargreaves into our lives need additional sustenance!


    This is irrelevant. But thought it ought to link to your blog, really.
    Proofreading is making me even more pedantic, as predicted. Sigh. xx


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