Friday 26 October 2007

Fairly Exciting News

I don't think I've officially announced my exciting news in regards next year, so I shall dedicate a post to it right now. You were going to get new accompanying photographs, but my camera is currently refusing to focus properly. Usually does this when it's tired, so have put it to bed (aka 'charge') and think about what it's done. Or rather, not done.

You probably know that I'm currently working in the Bodleian as a Graduate Trainee, with an eye to going to library school and the
n librarianship. Well, those plans haven't really changed - only maybe postponed for a bit. I've decided to apply to do a Masters at Oxford next year - eep! Twentieth Century English, hopefully with my thesis on domestic/'middlebrow' fiction between the wars and its thematic and stylistic relation to contemporary highbrow lit. I.e. what did Bloomsbury and Devon think of each other? Excited about it - but of course wanting to apply is a long way off getting a place and, importantly, getting funding. Eep again. But what working in a library has told me, perhaps above everything else, is how much I miss studying! Not that I'm not enjoying myself, of course - only I didn't realise how much I'd miss it. I knew I'd long for the student lifestyle, but above all it is the academic side that I yearn for... and I'm not just saying that in case my tutor finds this blog! And hopefully a Masters won't just be my self-indulgence, since it is very helpful if I choose to go into subject librarianship... and who knows, not ruling out the doctorate just yet...

So, those who are sad that they missed Stuck-in-a-Book's degree (and it was almost over by the time I started this blog)... here's hoping that the world of Oxford will be seen through your screens come September 2008!

On a rather more mundane note, I'm afraid recent spamming in the comments has meant I'm going to (try to) include the word verification bit on commenting. Sad. I didn't want to - because it makes it inaccesible for the visually impaired, and I know one visitor is, and it's just irritating - but had half a dozen spam comments today and it'll only get worse. Grr!


  1. That sounds great. And the course you're considering sounds wonderful. There's nothing better than being able to study something you love. And then there are those of us who like to live vicariously through others...

  2. I do hope you get a place. I know just what you mean about studying - it's somewhat addictive.

  3. Wonderful news, Simon, and the perfect course for you. Best of luck!

  4. Such a brilliant idea Simon. I'm trying to outwit Google again. Carole

  5. Eureka...clever you. Thanks.

  6. Best wishes toward gaining a place in the program. Even at my age I miss the academics and for quite a few years filled in with a research project (of my own) til I ran out of places to share the results (a story in itself).

    Once you do get to the librarianship program will it be in Oxford as well?

  7. For me you must have the perfect job working in the Bodlein library. Will you still be able to work in the library whilst studying? My favourite period of literature is between the wars, particularly women's writing. I wish you all the best.

    Jennifer Dee

  8. Very exciting news! And of course your readers are thrilled because we can come along with you, for free - sort of like auditing courses. :<) Seriously, though, your subject matter interests me greatly, and I'm hoping to learn a lot and hear about good books to read on the subject.

  9. I'm sure you'll get a place ... but here are my good wishes for your place, too.

    I love studying ... perhaps that's partly why I write, there's something studious about it, sometimes.


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