Thursday 4 October 2007

Fancy reading a book?

Our Vicar's Wife was very touched to have lots of you pop over to visit her, so do keep saying hello! Carole asked me if Our Vicar would complete the family of bloggers... well, we can ask him, but I'm not sure he'll take the bait. We'll see.

I mentioned my Book Group the other day - well, our next meet-up is November 13th, and we nominated potential books for a poll. At the moment my suggestion, Tove Jansson's Fair Play, is winning, with 7 votes to 2. Looking likely that it will prevail, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to extend the group to all readers of S-i-a-B as well. Fancy joining in?

I've not read Fair Play, but loved A Summer Book and The Winter Book by Jansson, also author of the Moomin books. Her writing is beautiful and evocative and did I mention beautiful? It;s about two woman growing old together on an island, I think... "philosophically calm - and discreetly radical" according to the blurb. Would be great if people fancied reading it before November 13th and sharing their views, so that I can take a barrage of opinions along to the book group! If you want to, then it's here for Amazon UK, and currently in the buy-one-get-one-half-price in Borders... Sorry US-residents, you might have to take sneakier routes.

What fun!


  1. The Moomin books were some of the first books I remember loving as a child, so you can definitely count me in! For other US readers, I found "Fair Play" at the Book Depository, which ships for free worldwide. Alibris has copies, but it ends up costing more.

  2. Simon - please don't do this to me. I have now been FORCED, yes FORCED by you to buy this....

  3. OVW: I did drop by and left a comment as well. Today, I wanted to drop in again and catch up but was not able to view the entries even though I signed in just as I did the first time. So, I left a request for "permission"...

  4. Oh Simon, you are in the wrong job, you should be working for Amazon. I do need all the help I can get on how to grow old calmly and radically (sp?) though, so i will be tempted yet again.
    Your Mother is being elusive today, I asked to visit.
    I love your link Daisy Cottage and it's links, it's so soothing, these wonderful happy women, shh, but do you think they are all Republicans? Sorry not discreet.

  5. I love your mum's blog, but haven't been able to figure out the sign in thing to leave a comment. I wonder why she didn't use blogspot or typepad? Reading her words, I see where your sense of humor comes from.


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