Wednesday 3 October 2007

Not much to report...

What with working, and my hectic social life (ahem), it is often night time before I get the chance to write on here, and consequently I am sometimes dead on my feet and not able to produce much in the way of literary chatter - nor sketches. I don't know if anyone is missing them ardently (can one miss something ardently?) but they shall be back, fear not. Possibly if I ever get around to thinking ahead about my blog posts.

So this will be by way of a catch up, and a few bits and piec
es. Not a lot to tax the mind.

First of all, blog news. You've heard about The Clan a fair amount - Our Vicar, Our Vicar's Wife, The Carbon Copy and, of course, Stuck-in-a-Book. Until now only The Carbon Copy and I had blogs (his is under the pseudonym 'Colin' in my links). I discovered a few days ago that
Our Vicar's Wife had secretly started a blog over at Windows Live Spaces, which you should be able to find here. It may be one of those where you have to sign in, or something, but give it a whirl anyway - I'm sure she'd love you to pop by. I stole the picture from Flickr (that is legal, isn't it?), but it seemed appropriate.

Secondly, my friend Maggie has resumed her blog Apprentice Book Counter - again, pop along to the links on the left hand side, and catch up with ABC. It's been four months of hard work on her part, so I'm sure she'll have plenty to share!

Today I got an email from Fiona Robyn, and thought I'd let you know about her book A Year of Question. It's non-fiction, about recognising the truly valuable things in life, and... well, the website will describe it best. Not my usual reading fare, but thought I'd bring it to the attention of anyone likely to have their interest piqued.

What else? The Freshers have arrived in Oxford, and I spent the morning extolling the virutes of the library service to people in Freshers' Fair. Bless them - glad not to be in their shoes again.

Back with proper news again at some point, promise. Right now I need to sleep for a hundred years - but I think my alarm clock has a different agenda.


  1. Virutes - would that lie between Utility and Wiling away time?
    Apologies to all who have wandered into my blog and found it sadly wanting. I'll endeavour to make it more intellectual in future!

  2. I went to Windows Space to have a cup of tea with your mother, but found merely the notice saying "Either this space is private, or it does not exist."
    My knowledge of philosophy is taxed by this remark!


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