Tuesday 16 October 2007

Six(th) Sentences

Mel, whose little biography dominated yesterday, also brough another website to my attention recently - Six Sentences. Can't decide whether or not it's intended to be a pun on sixth sense - if not, then it should be.

Quite a simple idea - what can you say in six sentences? If the short story is too long for you, then this is the website to which to head. Obviously a single sentence could be infinitely long (discuss) but the contributors take it sensibly,
and use a small canvas to make a big impact. Some famous people have made their efforts known - Sting, Stephen King, Tom Cruise (think some of these are just six sentences stolen from other places, come to think of it...) and Mel George, of course. Haven't written anything myself yet, though I probably will when I've had time to ponder on't - but a fascinating little domain of miniature thoughts, experimenting successfully. Worth checking out in an idle moment - got to be better than day-dreaming, anyway.

And, like that website, today's entry is short. Because my camera is charging, and so I can't do any of the posts I've been thinking about. Will just share an amusing incident from the library today - fresh from tipping a trolley of books over myself yesterday (both librarian and books are in a stable condition) today an oldish man told me cheerfully that "40 years ago what I was doing would be vandalism". Um, ok, except what I was doing was dealing with his enquiry and typing on a computer... left me with a bit of confusion, but all adds to the rich tapestry of life.

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