Sunday, 22 July 2012

Song for a Sunday

A lovely lady called Diana got in touch with me a while ago to recommend Christian artist Sara Groves as a Sunday Song singer.  Well, I know and love Groves' album The Other Side of Something, but Diana sent a few links to more recent songs, and I liked them.  I picked 'Childhood Summer' more or less at random, because it seemed appropriate for the last-ditch effort at summer we've been having this weekend.  Thanks, Diana!


  1. (Well, not quite Anonymous!)

    A lovely selection...thank you, Simon for posting this. It is evocative of never quite forgotten childhood summers...and of course,brought back memories of my late mother. I was really touched to see this as your selection. Such a sweet and simple song...for a glorious sunny Sunday!

    From one of your many ardent SIABistas,

    1. Thanks again for the recommendation, Diana!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this lovely artist

    1. You're welcome - well, I suppose we should be thanking Diana! My favourite song of Sara's is probably 'Roll To The Middle' or 'Like A Skin', from her earlier album.


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