Sunday, 24 June 2012

Songs for a Sunday

I didn't choose the songs for this post - Beryl did.  To round off a very successful Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week (thanks once again, Annabel!) I listened to Bainbridge on Desert Island Discs from 2008.  She wasn't at all what I expected.  You can listen too, and hear her somewhat unexpected song choices, by clicking here.  She appeared twice - I have yet to listen to the first one, from 1986, but you can here.


  1. Thank you for a brilliant idea Simon - I wish I'd thought of this! Thank you also for being so supportive of BBRW. I shall enjoy listening later - her choices are typically Beryl aren't they!? Richard Harris once in each programme - a bit of a fixation methinks?

  2. but alas the second link, to the earlier one, doesn't seem to work!

    1. Oh, weird, it's still working on my computer... Google Beryl Bainbridge and Desert Island Discs and you should be able to get there!

  3. I love her choices - they're very eclectic. Based on her books and things like this, she seems like she was a very interesting woman.

  4. "Bat Out of Hell", now that is a surprise.


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