Monday 1 October 2012

Three-Quarters of a Century of Books

Time for the third and final update on how A Century of Books is going!  Final update, that is, because in three months' time it'll all be over...

It is impressive - and unintentional - that at each juncture I have been exactly on target.  After three months I was on 25 books, after six months I was on 50 books, and now - at the nine month mark - I have read 75 titles for A Century of Books (including five which have yet to be reviewed.)   I've actually read 107 books so far this year, which leaves rather more duplicates and non-20th-century books than I was anticipating.

As before, here is how I'm doing, decade-by-decade...

1900s: 6
1910s: 6
1920s: 9
1930s: 9
1940s: 8
1950s: 8
1960s: 6
1970s: 8
1980s: 8
1990s: 7

No decade completely finished yet, but none suffering too much neglect either...

For a list of all the links up so far, click here.  More importantly - if you're doing A Century of Books, are some variant thereof, how's it going for you?

See you at the end of the year for the final count!  I'm feeling optimistic that I can do this...


  1. Very impressive! I'm at 70 right now, which means I need to do 10 per month to finish on schedule, which should be quite easy. I've read 169 books so far this year so the number of pre- and post-20th Century books plus duplicates is a bit absurd.

    Here's my break down by decade:
    1900s: 3
    1910s: 8
    1920s: 10
    1930s: 6
    1940s: 10
    1950s: 7
    1960s: 5
    1970s: 6
    1980s: 6
    1990s: 9

    Now I just need to catch up with my reviews!!! That is my challenge to myself for October.

    1. Well done - even with nearly 100 which don't count! I thought I'd picked nearly all books for my century, when choosing what to read, so I was surprised even by my 30 non-applicable titles.

      And well dont on finishing two decades!

  2. I'm close to my first quarter of the century (slightly behind), I know I'm not going to be finished by this year - but I already knew this! I'm still excited to find books for each year (I've now several two entries for the same year) that I would never have thought of, so it's still a win situation for me!!!

    1. So glad you're enjoying it, Patty! I'll definitely be keeping better track of the years from which I read, even if I don't repeat this challenge next year.

  3. Well done Simon. My Century of Books challenge is going very slowly as I get waylaid with too many other books but I am enjoying it. I didn't start it until May this year so am giving myself lots more time. Will keep plugging away. Pam

    1. Keep enjoying it, Pam! The difficulty at the end of my year will be still reading books I *want* to read, rather than just plugging gaps.

  4. I am in awe, Simon! I'm having visions of dishes piled high in the sink and socks simply thrown out in favour of new ones but well done!

    1. Haha! Well, I manage to keep on with those, just ;)

  5. Outstanding job -- you and Claire both! I've been "done in" by pre-, post- century books and duplicates - only 35 on my list of 123 books read. I'm really enjoying tracking my books read by publication year, though. Quite the eye-opening exercise.

    1. I'm intrigued, now, as to whether you've mostly had pre, post, or duplicates in your non-applicable list...?

  6. Completely off-topic, and you may have seen it already- but Nancy Pearl included Miss Hargreaves in her list of 'under the radar' reads.

    I was just reading through some of her various lists and came across it, thought you might be happy to see it if you haven't already :)

    1. I did see that, but it's lovely to be reminded! In fact, that's how I first heard about Nancy Pearl.

  7. Yikes, I have only read 40 for ACOB, out of a measly 43 books total for the year so far. As you know, my problem was getting bogged down is awful books that I hated. Now that I have cleared up that mental log jam, I hope to make up some ground in the remainder of the year. But I know I won't finish until the end of 2013.

    I was surprised to see the 1950s has been my go to decade so far. I would have thought it would have been an earlier decade.

    1900s: 2
    1910s: 2
    1920s: 3
    1930s: 3
    1940s: 4
    1950s: 9
    1960s: 4
    1970s: 3 (plus a duplicate!)
    1980s: 4
    1990s: 6


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