Saturday 6 October 2012

A quick Lady Into Fox plea...

I know a few readers will have this - does anybody have a mid-sixties Norton edition, which comes with an author's note by David Garnett?  If yes, and you'd be happy to photocopy or type it out for me, please comment or email simondavidthomas[at] - thanks a million!  (Usual library sources have failed me, so I'm crowd-sourcing...)

EDIT: thanks to lovely Sheila, who found it and typed it out for me!


  1. 1922 and 1947 editions I can source for you. I assume neither is helpful. Peter

    1. Ah, thanks very much, but sadly they're not!

    2. Does this help?

    3. Excellent research skills, thanks v much, but that is the article I'm actually reading at the moment! I was hoping the author's note would be longer than that, and wanted to read the rest.

  2. ABE appear to have two copies in the USA!


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