Sunday 6 February 2011

Song for a Sunday

This is probably the oldest song I've included in the Sunday Songs, and it's very lovely. Tells a story more than most songs seem to. Over to Nanci Griffith and Love at the Five and Dime. (I couldn't embed the version I like most; this one.)

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  1. I like the song but I love the blog! :)
    Following and supporting! :)

  2. I find it had to choose a favourite Nanci Griffith song but this one is usually pretty high up the list.

  3. This song always brings a lump to my throat. On the version I have, from her 'Best Of' CD, she talks a bit at the beginning about the noise the lift doors made when they opened at the Woolworth store when she was a girl. A kind of 'ping' sound which she incorporated into the tune.

  4. my day in a sentence - thank you very much!

    Karoline - others I love include I Knew Love and I Don't Want To Talk About Love.

    Joanne - that's the version I have too! Her story makes me smile...

  5. A bit of a belated comment, but my whole family love Nanci Griffith and I've never found anyone else who's heard of her... glad to see from this and the comments we aren't the only ones! I like this song a lot (I know the same version as Joanne with the monologue at the beginning) though I think my favourite of hers would have to be 'Trouble in the Fields'...


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