Monday 14 February 2011

Back from Edinburgh...

...and going to bed. I saw lots of lovely people, bought lots of lovely books, and even read the two I set out to read. More on all of that anon.

I just wanted to say, re: William by E.H. Young - feel free to put up reviews any time you like, and I'll do a round-up post next week. I'll be putting mine up then too - but ALSO head on over to Darlene's blog on 24th February to discuss William there, whether you've read it as part of our little readalong or have read it at any time in the past. It's an either/or/and/both situation - if you just want to join in the discussion, that's great - or post your review and let us know - or both! (More on the discussion at Darlene's here.)

I'm not going to reveal too much yet, but will just say... it's gonna be a very positive review when it comes!


  1. Excellent - I borrowed this from you last year so hope you'll link to my VVV review...

  2. My copy arrived yesterday. So very excited.

  3. Welcome back, Simon!

    So glad that you enjoyed William and am looking forward to your review! I had a little chart going in the beginning to sort out the characters with their spouses and children but am sailing along now and really loving it.

    Also, I've just seen your comment about the wrap-up...sounds perfect!


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