Thursday, 10 February 2011

Book Aid International / World Book Day

If you live in the UK, I hope it won't have escaped your attention that World Book Day is coming up on March 3rd - and for once the BBC seems, for one, to be taking notice. There are all sorts of bookish programmes coming up - Sebastian Faulks presenting on various aspects of the novel through history; Anne Robinson interviewing people about My Life in Books (I saw one being recorded - it should be a great series) etc. - details about their programmes here.

Even better, though - Book Aid International have got a whole variety of things going on, and they got in touch with me this week. They're suggesting that people engage with Meet, Talk, Give which does what it says on the tin. Why not organise a get-together of like-minded readers, hold a book group, and donate something to Book Aid International. Did you know that £2 will send a new book to a school library, public library, refugee camp, prison or rural community in sub-Saharan Africa? For info on Meet, Talk, Give click here. If you're already in a Book Group, why not turn your next meeting into a Meet, Talk, Give event?

There's more info, as well as videos etc., on their blog. Have fun!


  1. Thanks so much for your post and for the mention! At BAI we're really excited about this year's World Book Day and we'd love to hear about any fun activities that people get up to :)

  2. One of the programmes I enjoyed was 'In Their Own Words', which had interviews with authors from between the wars. It was amazing to hear Virginia Woolfs voice (exactly as posh as I had imagined!).


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