Wednesday 2 February 2011

Lunch Hour Haul

Thank you for yesterday, you're all very lovely. The blogosphere really is precious to me - so much more than people who don't blog or read blogs could imagine.

As a reward for your kindness, I'm going to show you some more books that I bought... yes, more. Last Friday I popped out to a couple of charity shops during my lunch break, and bought eight books. Well, actually I bought nine, but one of them was for a friend. So that's normal, right? Oh, what the heck, all the money went to charity.

Strange Meeting - Susan Hill
The Bird of Night - Susan Hill

I'm ever more impressed by Hill's novellas, and have heard great things about Strange Meeting. In my head it was a ghost story; I'm happy to see it isn't. The blurb for The Bird of Night enticed me, that I remember - what the blurb said, I have completely forgotten.

One Thing Leading to Another - Sylvia Townsend Warner
I think I might have a few of these stories collected elsewhere, but was tempted by this book in case there were some I *didn't* have... and, I confess it, for that cover.

The Thinking Reed - Rebecca West
I wanted to get a Virago, seeing as it was Virago Reading Week, and this one called out to be. All I know about it is what cropped up in my research a while ago - the Book Society Newsletter said: "However, there is very much besides intellection here. There is that precious quality of making a special vividness and new reality out of familiar scenes; there is feeling, deep, though restrained; there is clever character-drawing; there is satire; there is a central idea and plan in the book; and there is the pleasure for the reader of being taken up into the interior of the book’s world through the medium of Miss West’s lucid and intimate style."

Voices at Play - Muriel Spark
A collection of plays and stories by Spark for the BBC.

Love of Seven Dolls - Paul Gallico
Somehow I still haven't read any Gallico, but this one definitely intrigued me. Seems somewhat creepy, but in the way I can cope with, and thus enjoy.

Theatre - W. Somerset Maugham
Another author I feel I ought to have read, and haven't - since I'm currently enjoying a couple of theatrical autobiographies, this could be a logical next step.

All Quiet on the Orient Express - Magnus Mills
Have read, borrowed from Annabel (Gaskella) - MUST write about soon and, more importantly, return to her!

As always - comments, thoughts? Have you read any of these?


  1. Not read any of them but for one hour you have not done badly! Nice reading.

  2. Great haul! I haven't read any of them but they look good, and book shopping always lifts the spirits! I hope you're feeling better today. Down days happen, but at least they soon pass. Spring is coming, the world is beautiful, and you have a pile of lovely new books to enjoy! Life is good!

  3. Great books! I always feel that it doesn't really count as a buy when it is from a charity shop... I mean, basically you are doing something good with your money and just happen to get a book... At least that's how I justify my very large collection of second hand books :-)

  4. I'm all in favour of second hand books (sell them in the 'Honey Pot' every Saturday - in my garage)and these look an interesting lot, Simon. My only fear is that, after a fast last year, you will gorge yourself so much that the books you pile into your reserve stack back here in Somerset will make the floor collapse! Think on.

  5. The Paul Gallico is one of my favourites. It's extremely creepy and atmospheric...

    What fun to see someone else's book shopping! Great haul there.

  6. Ooh - was that Oxfam or somewhere cheaper? Book buying always cheers me up :)

  7. Lucky you! I haven't read any of these.

    Bet you had a great time browsing through the treasure!

  8. Theatre is a lot of fun, especially for someone who loves that delicious world, and rather different from other Maugham novels. I think you'll really enjoy reading it. There's also a not bad movie adaptation of it, called Being Julia with Annette Bening and Jeremy Irons that came out a few years ago.

  9. Sounds like a perfect lunch hour! I want so much to read the Rebecca West. If you donate it back somewhere, please let me know...

  10. The Susan Hill books caught my eye. I'm so glad I don't have the secondhand stores near me that you have -- I don't know how you made it last year! I'm really appreciating the masses that have accrued on my shelf in this year of limited spending. I'm also learning that my past shopping habits have led to much frustration in that there's never enough time to read what I already own. (Of course, all these new insights didn't stop any of us from arming dh with a "Valentine shopping list" for Powell's when he headed out to Oregon to work this week! --even the kids gave him one. :) )
    I always enjoy seeing other's book hauls, though. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  11. Simon, how can you, such a cat lover, stil not have read Jennie? Perhaps you think it is a book you should have read when you were 10. Well that's true, but it works just as well as a book to be read by an adult as well (and you'll see it differently)

  12. Peter - no, it is a book I really, really want to read, promise! Just there are so many books I really want to read, and somehow don't seem to... but it is waiting above my bed, patiently.

  13. DArk Puss is right. You have to read Jennie & Scruffy & Ludmilla & The Adventures of Hiram Holiday & the Mrs Harris books and .....and ...

  14. Great haul of books. The books in our 'charity' shops (Salvation Army & Goodwill) don't come anywhere near those in the UK for good books. But, here in New England, we are blest, & inundated with used book shops - they just cost a little more. Now, I feel like such a dodo & have to ask (notice that it didn't stump anyone else), what the heck does this mean: AHIIGAUYGDUAYWGUYAG

  15. Ruth - Ok! One day, one day...

    Nancy - oh gosh, well spotted, that was where I typed anything so that I'd remember to fill in the quotation later! (As I have now done.) Funny that nobody else commented on it...

  16. Mystcia - speed buying! I've become very good at it...

    Rachel - sadly I bought these last Friday, but perhaps more book-shopping is called for.. Spring arriving would be lovely.

    Willa - I love that you wrote this! This is so exactly my philosophy - I look on it as a charitable donation, and I just happen to gets books in return.

    Mum - you never wanted a dining room, did you??

    Paul - thanks for the recommendation! I look forward to it - sounds very up my street.

    Verity - Facebooked you :)

    Darlene - I do often post piles of books and hardly anyone seems to have read them - my eccentric reading tastes again :)

    Blithe Spirit - thanks for writing about that one; I have heard of that film, but had no idea the book was connected.

    LifetimeReader - think I'm the wrong side of the Atlantic! Books leave my house much less often than they arrive...

    Susan - I love that idea! Valentine's books will last much longer than flowers or chocolates.

  17. a lovely haul I love the mills when I read it ,the cover is beautiful as well the ladybird esque style ,all the best stu


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