Friday 2 July 2010

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

As promised, I won't leave you without a book, a blog post, a link. And I should have time to create a post about the books I'm taking on holiday...

1.) The book - is Remember, Remember by Hazel McHaffie, which the author recently sent me for review. McHaffie is an expert in medical ethics, but turns her hand to fiction-writing with this novel about a lady with Alzheimer's and her daughter... and family secrets being unearthed. Sounds really intriguing, and has a lovely cover to boot.

2.) The link - I'm spoiling you; there are two, because one of them might only be available in the UK. Thanks Carol N for mentioning this link to a BBC documentary about literary editor and memoirist Diana Athill called 'Growing Old Disgracefully'. And thanks abebooks for doing a fun feature on 75 Years of Penguin. Plenty to keep you amused there... (photo credit)

3.) The blog post - is my Mum/Our Vicar's Wife/Anne's blog, which I don't mention enough here. Go and be welcomed to July by Mum with this post! It's a Windows Live Spaces blog, so commenting might be tricky, but *hopefully* viewing is possible for all...


  1. LOVED your mom's post (but couldn't figure out the comment thing - will have to try later). It made me want so badly to be a fly on the garden wall. She did make it sound more like a story than "just life." :)

    Off to try the penguin link. Happy vacation to you!

  2. Dear All,
    I was going to post a welcome on my blog - but I am 'locked out' again - last time it took 2 weeks to sort it out!
    So, to all who make it across - welcome (and sorry for the lack of culture not much time for reading at the moment!)
    Have a good weekend - I will - 'stuck-in-a-book' is here!

  3. Thankyou, Simon, for that link to your Mum's lovely post.
    Now here's a link to one of mine in which you will see that you are fairly rocketing up the charts!

  4. Hi Simon,
    This isn't related to your post...but I did wonder if you were still planning another UK bloggers meet up in the summer? Sorry if I've missed details, have searched the site but can only find references to the May one - which sounds super fun.
    Would love to hear if the next one is still on the cards.
    Best, Lyndsey


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