Thursday 29 July 2010

Holiday Snaps

Right, recipe will come soon! Hope you liked the sketch too - it's been a while, and I'm hoping to include more, as they're a fun way of making my blog a little different. We'll see...

I'm tired after bizarre sleeping patterns to and from a lovely wedding in Northern Ireland. Still got almost all my packing to do, and am moving house on Saturday... fun fun! So I'll leave you with some photos from the trip Colin and I took up to Yorkshire and Derbyshire a little while ago.

Col chose Yorkshire (not sure what prompted this, but good choice Cogs) and I decided it was too far to drive from Somerset, so we stopped in Derbyshire first. And we stayed at lots of beautiful Youth Hostels - this is the path which led out behind the first one, Ravenstor. Apparently it's where David Bellamy first developed a love of wild flowers.

We had competitions over who could take the best stairs shot... but since Col's isn't here, you can't be the judge.

Mum and Dad had bought us National Trust membership (thanks OV and OVW!) and the first we visited was Ilam Hall.

The place I was most excited about visiting was Chatsworth, recent home of Debo Mitford aka the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire. The house was kind of dark and broodingly handsome (so like me, naturallement) and then the gardens were simply gorgeous. I could have stayed in them for hours and hours, but Col was waiting in the car park - owing to his irrational hatred of all things Mitford, and all things costing £9.50.

The other highlight, once we were up in Yorkshire, was of course Haworth and the Bronte Parsonage. Although I'm not an obsessive Bronte fan (and, unusually, Anne is my favourite) it still felt wonderful to be there. Even with a group of thirty schoolchildren wandering around after us, their teacher hovering outside each room we were in, saying "No, you can't go in yet, the room is not empty yet."

But Anne, Charlotte and Emily are not all that Haworth has to offer - they have a working steam train! I'm not a trainspotter, but still harbour a love for steam trains which probably dates to loving the Railway Children - which was filmed along this line. Here is Colin, enjoying the only first class carriage we're ever likely to occupy.

One day we decided to visit four National Trust properties... they included the stunning Rievaulx Terrace and Temples (first pic) and a ruin, the name of which eludes me for the moment (second and third pics).

Finally, a view of the dramatic scenery that surrounded us:

Wish me luck with moving, and hopefully I'll find some time to put together a Weekend Miscellany... then I might be quiet for a bit, depending on whether or not we get internet sorted out at the new house quickly...


  1. Gorgeous photos Simon! I loved it when I went 'up North' last year! Haworth was such a lovely place - did you go in the bookshop/random tat shop at the end of the main road of Haworth? Lots of middle brow fiction in there!

    Did you stay in the YHA near Haworth? I forget its name but it was a huge scary old mansion with beautiful hand painted stained glass. We LOVED it. The TV room was amazing! YHAs are THE places to stay.

  2. The Anon comment above (and this one!) are from Rachel at Book Snob by the way! Blogger won't accept my wordpress ID today!

  3. Oh, the pics are beautiful! What a wonderful trip. I'll be praying for a smooth move and quick internet hookup. Don't know about over there, but over here the cable guys that have to come out and hook up the internet seem to pride themselves in being slower than molasses! Have a great weekend.

  4. My family was deeply unimpressed when I tried to convince them to visit Chatsworth last time we were in the area. I very, very, very much want to go and your pictures only strengthen my resolve!

    Looks like a lovely trip.

  5. I've been on your steam railway and walked on those moors but I've not been motivated to go and see the Bronte's house. If you book well in advance and chose your times carefully you can get some amazing first-class deals on mainline railways in the UK. I've travelled from Glasgow to London for under £40 in the last year or so.

  6. Oooh Chatsworth is just down the road from Granny Savidge Reads house, you should have popped by for a coffee, cake and bookish natter.

    Looks a wonderful trip, glad you both enjoyed it (well bar on of you and the Mitford loathing - how could he?)

    And most importantly - good luck with the move!

  7. My mum and I went to Chatsworth last autumn when they had a huge display of modern outdoor sculptures. Wonderful scenery, These are great pics, btw. (I do serious photog and that's a big compliment from me.) :-)

    BTW, this is Liz in Texas.

    English countryside - I miss it so.

  8. My mum and I went to Chatsworth last time I was in England, and we had a grand time (although there was scaffolding everywhere, it seemed.) Plus the coutryside was just beautiful after I'd spent the previous year in the wilds of West Texas (semi-arid. flat, very very dry. very hot)...

    Good pics, btw. Also, this is Liz in Texas. Just fyi.

  9. Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing.

    I appreciate travelling companions who agree to sit in the car and leave me to enjoy the stately home at leisure, rather than feeling I have to rush through because the Other is rolling his eyes. My own travelling man was happy to stay in the car with a book while I enjoyed the Queen Mum's Castle of Mey last month.

  10. Lovely pics. Could that ruin be Bolton Abbey?

  11. Wish I'd known you were coming to Haworth, Simon - I live less than an hour's drive away & would have liked to meet you. Do hope the move goes smoothly & you are soon blogging again from your new home.

  12. So jealous! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Good luck with the move!

  13. That is a stunning shot of the fountain at Chatsworth! I never seem to get my fill of things to do in London but really must get out to some of these wonderful places on one of my trips. Thanks for sharing, Simon!

  14. Lovely photos--they're almost as good as being there. Well, would rather be there but the photos are still gorgeous. Would love to visit Chatsworth (I also love that fountain) and Haworth. Someday... Good luck on your move!

  15. I've wanted to go to Yorkshire ever since I read 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.' These pictures seal the deal!

    And Debo's house?! GASP!

  16. Lovely photos - it looks like you had an enjoyable holiday. My parents live near Chatworths but I have sadly never been there, although I have been meaning to for a while. Good luck with your move!

  17. So beautiful. I'm dying to visit Chatsworth! I love the National Trust! I visited Haworth several years ago and was surprised at how big it was. I thought it would be small, dark and gothic looking...

  18. Rachel - thanks! Sadly lots of shops in Haworth were closed (out of season, maybe?) so didn't go into that one... but we did stay in the youth hostel, called Haworth Youth Hostel, I believe!

    Susan - your prayers were answered!

    Claire - oh what a shame! As you can see, I just ignored my brother's reservations...

    Peter - I think I'd feel out of place in first class... but am sorely tempted on crowded days.

    Simon - next time I'll pop in, maybe she knows 'the other Simon'!! And, yes, Col and I are not very similar...

    Liz - aww, thanks, that's very kind of you! I don't really know what I'm doing with a camera, but try and frame things nicely. And now I know your real name!

    Susan - I felt better because I'd gone to a football ground with him a few days before... also I spent two different days last yea in the car park by the world's biggest rope bridge in Northern Ireland... I can't do heights. Obviously I had a book with me!

    Harriet - thanks :) No, it was something to do with a saint or peace or something... still hasn't come to me. Grace maybe?

    Gill - what a pity! I will give better warning when I next go up 'north'...

    Kristen - it was lovely, I miss it now...

    Darlene - for me, holiday is all about getting out of cities, I think I'd go mad in London - but each to their own! I'm always amused by the itineraries of US visitors, as they travel far further than any Brit would consider doing on holiday.

    Danielle - oh, do come to England and visit!

    Daniel - I know, I felt in the presence of greatness! And somehow I've still not read Jonathan Strange etc., despite getting it as a present five years ago. My long-book phobia...

    ABS - you must visit, it's so beautiful!

    Sakura - I never appreciated the National Trust as a child, and now I'm keen to explore them! Haworth wasn't that tiny, was it - although wasn't it extended by Charlotte once she got some monies?


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