Wednesday 14 July 2010

Haworth provides

Project 24 - #12

Thank you, little lovely bookshop in Haworth, the name of which entirely escapes me - you have provided no.12 in Project 24! Susan cunningly spotted the number in the sidebar had gone up - and in fact it's gone up again. More to follow soon... and my impressive self control diminished.

The book in question is one Our Vicar's Wife won't be asking to borrow: A Compton-Burnett Compendium by Violet Powell, the same lady behind a biography of E.M. Delafield. And the second ICB-related book in Project 24, fact fans.

It sounds a bit like an omnibus or a compendium, doesn't it, but actually it seems to be one of those nearly-scholarly-mostly-appreciative books which are difficult to categorise but a delight to read. (In fact, watch out for a review of another one soon.) It has sections with admirably ICB-esque titles: 'Tyranny Breeds Contempt'; 'Parents and Possessors'; 'Resurrections has its Difficulties'. I presume they're quotations or something - there's a lot of ICB I haven't read. But I'll definitely enjoy dipping in and out of this, and it can also be a nice souvenir of Bronte-land - although what Charlotte and co would have made of Ivy, I can't begin to imagine.


  1. Oooh you have reminded me I need to read the ICB that you gave me. How shameful that I havent as yet!!!

  2. A lovely souvenir!

    I haven't read any ICB either, although I always imagine the Queen reading her after reading The Common Reader...

  3. I've never read any of ICB myself. I'll have to add her to my list of authors to keep an eye out for. Your self-control isn't totally out of control -- 14 is right for July, as long as you can hold off on #15 until August. ;) I, for one, am still marveling at your control to date.

  4. Simon - no rush, don't worry - not sure how you'll get on with Dame Ivy, but I'm really hoping you like her.

    Polly - yes! Such a lovely choice of Alan Bennett's for her first book.

    Susan - do give ICB a go! I think she's quite wonderful. And thank you for your Project 24 support :)


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