Tuesday 13 July 2010

Bloggers' Meet-Up Number Two!


Sorry if you're not able to get to the UK for September 25th, it must be annoying to hear about it across the Pond or wherever else you are in the world, but this is to announce that there will be another Book Bloggers' Meet-Up on Saturday September 25th in Oxford. Venue and time are tbc, but that should be enough info for now to let you know whether or not you can make it.

We'd love to see as many bloggers as can make it, whether you've been blogging for years or weeks! If you're interested, and haven't already received emails about it (everyone who emailed about the one in May *should* have been contacted) then let me know on simondavidthomas@yahoo.co.uk - doesn't commit you to anything, of course.

And do pop all this info up on your own blogs, if you'd like to.



  1. oh great ,I ll have find out what I m working and a way to get to oxford maybe I don't drive

  2. Nice to read about it though even if you cant come.

  3. Ooo, that will just give all of us the reports to look forward to in September. I think it's wonderful that ya'll can all hook up over there.

  4. And, yes, I did notice that number 12...I was wondering if it's in the stack in the picture, or if the picture represents your vacation reading -- if so, that's quite an accomplishment for a busy week! :)

  5. *Sob, sniff, wail* You're right, Simon...annoying to be on this side of the pond indeed! I'll be there in spirit and look forward to hearing all about it....sniff.

  6. Oh dear, I don't think I am going to be able to make this one... grrr! But I am coming up to Oxford in the late summer so will have to pop and say hello then!

  7. Well now you're just teasing us ;)

  8. oops too bad. Tell us about it. I just started blogging or blooking rather. :)

  9. Hi Simon,
    I would love to come along! Look forward to meeting you in person.

  10. Stu - hope you can make it!

    Mystica - vicarious enjoyment is the way forward...!

    Susan - no, I recycled the picture cheekily(!)

    Darlene - wish you were here too! Sorry!

    Simon - that's a real shame - but you definitely have to say hello when you're in Oxford :)

    Read the Book - haha, I know!

    Anon E. - so many books, so little time... enjoy blogging :)

    Lyndsey - Great! email me so I can keep you posted...

  11. Simon, I happen to live in Oxford, and would love to come. I just started book blogging in a desultory fashion in April, but was happy to see my blog in at #16 on Cornflower's August 2010 list. Please could you send me details when you have them.


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