Thursday 22 July 2010

Comments Redux

Well, I've tried all sorts of things with comments today and none of them worked properly, so we're back to the status quo! Apologies if you've tried to read my blog today and it's all been misbehaving. If anyone could point me in the direction of HTML which allows you to reply to individual comments (i.e. have threads in the comments) which isn't intensedebate, Disqus, or JS-Kit (none of which worked properly for me) then let me know!


  1. you can reply to individual comments by replying to the email you get when you have a comment but it only works if the blogger has their email turn on in their blogger profile - which most of the time isn't on

    as for the threads in the comments, I usually just comment with a @ sign to that person's name, I have not found one that allows threads

  2. What a shame - I was hoping you'd work it out and then tell me how to do something similar!

  3. I expect in the course of time, Blogger will address this problem and add an application for it. They won't want Wordpress to completely kick their asses. You may just have to wait.
    On which subject, check out my new header, do you like it, it took me ages! haha

  4. Have you considered moving to WordPress? It's easy. Just click on the import blog.. and even all your comments get imported..

  5. I have considered it, Claire, but there are two reasons why I don't... firstly, I'd miss my dots(!!) and secondly, I've played around with the HTML and the format, which I think might mess up a simple transfer to wordpress? Plus, I've been with blogger for 3 yrs, and I feel loyal to them! Haha

  6. Fair enough. :)

    I hope you find something that works for you and that'll make you happy!

  7. lissa - not related to your comment, but I LOVE your profile pic!

    Verity - sorry! There are a few external facilities you can use, but they didn't work for me...

    Mel - 'kick their asses'? That finishing school clearly didn't work...


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