Friday, 18 June 2010

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

My best laid plans to type out a week's worth of reviews this evening have rather crumbled and fallen. Instead, I did my ironing, baked a cake, and watched soap operas online. I feel a little like a 1950s housewife... but I've read/seen The Hours and I know how that ends.

Off to a wedding tomorrow, should be fun - and will hopefully avoid dancing. As Mary Bennett once said before me, "I should infinitely prefer a book." And, had she found her way to Stuck-in-a-Book, she'd get even more than that: a book, a blog post, and a link. Don't say I don't spoil you.

1.) The book - I was wondering to myself what else Nicola Humble might have written, except the very Simon-friendly The Feminine Middlebrow Novel 1920s to 1950s (see more here) and came across this rather winning title: Cake: A Global History. It's advertised on Amazon as Cake: A Global History (Edible) which I thought was an exceptionally clever gimmick, but turns out Edible is the name of the publishing company. Basically it looks like it does what it says on the tin - a history of cake! What's not to like?

2.) The link - is to an Oxfam Bookfest. Includes a day-long readathon... Click the link to find out more.

3.) The blog post - I'm a sucker for so-I-went-bookshopping sorts of posts (especially since I've been on rations myself) so hive on over to Thomas at My Porch and his latest spree...


  1. How do I hive on over Simon? What does it mean?


  2. Hmm. Don't know. The expression existed in my mind. But I daresay you can interpret the meaning from the context! (What expression did I mean? My brain still isn't functioning this morning. And, yes, I know that isn't scientifically accurate.)

  3. Simon! You're killing me! Thanks for making me spurt tea...'1950's housewife...'

  4. Thanks for the link to Thomas at My Porch. Great book blog and one I had not been to before. And I like the image of you in floral pinny ... one for a cartoon maybe!

  5. Simon, perhaps you meant "hie over" where hie means hasten? I see it used as a heading in the Dublin Penny Journal Vol. 2, No. 92 (Apr. 5, 1834), pp. 318-320 which reads "Hie over to England". You can get that via JSTOR.

  6. "to hive" def: to feast or flock to, like bees to honey...

    you crack kill me, boy! 'the hours is pretty much my favorite 'movie/book (a rarity these days!) so I love the I'm off to cry alone in a hotel room!

  7. I own the cheese and chocolate Edible books but cake would be wonderful too :)

  8. If you're in the retro mood perhaps we could "jive" on over to My Porch too...

    Thanks for this post Simon, that made me giggle quite alot.

  9. Darlene - :) Glad it amused!

    Catherine - I love Thomas' blog, I'm glad you do too! Yes, that's a fun cartoon idea.. I must get the pencils out more.

    Daniel - Speaking of expressions we've not heard, I've never heard 'crack kill me' - learning a lot today! ;-)

    Claire - oo, are they good?

    Polly - let's do some jivin'!


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