Wednesday 2 June 2010

Picture Perfect

I've so much enjoyed all the pictures you've put up on your blogs in response to my challenge this week! I suppose it ought to have a name... A Picture Paints A Thousand Books , perhaps? Well, I thought I'd put all the links into one post... and unveil the picture that reflects the other half of my reading! I gave you the one which is all genteel and middlebrow, but this represents the other side:

I immediately thought of Escher when I wanted to depict my taste for quirky, slightly surreal novels - I like that the image is also very domestic. This is quirky but not macabre, and still focused upon the home: perfect.

Here's a list of links to follow up, to see other people's choices - I'll keep adding to the list as people send me the links! Do let me know if you've tried to find your Picture that Paints A Thousand Books...

Agnieszkas Shoes
At Pemberley
The Blue Cabin
Book Bath
Book Snob
A Bookish Space
Books Before Breakfast
A Book Worm's Haven
A Borrower Be
The Captive Reader
Cardigan Girl Verity
Chasing Bawa
David Nolan
Desperate Reader
Farm Lane Books
A Few of My Favourite Books
Find Your Next Book Here
Hannah Stoneham
Harriet Devine
Kiss A Cloud
Light, Bright, and Sparkling
Lizzy Siddal
Mental Foodie
Morgana's Cat
My Porch
Off at a Tangent
The Oliva Reader
Paperback Reader
Random Ramblings
A Rat in the Book Pile
Ready When You Are, C.B.
Roses Over a Cottage Door
Savidge Reads
Shelf Love
Tampa Bookworm
Tartan Wallpaper
Tea Time With Marce
The Treacle Well
We Be Reading
Winston's Dad


  1. i did mine today on blog ,a beuys piece ,great meme thanks stu

  2. Just did mine - I cheated too and chose 2 pictures, but it was great fun. My link

  3. Finally decided on mine:

  4. I couldn't resist playing along...thanks for the inspiration!


    Thanks for the fun idea.


    There's mine. Difficult decision, that one.

  7. Great idea this wonderful photo journeying through the land of blogs!
    Another review I will look forward to reading would be "An Experiment With Time" by J.W. Dunne, which you mentioned back in March.
    It certainly has caught my attention!
    Will have to order through the world cat inter-library as it does not seem readily available.
    I truly love the concepts and conversations around simultaneous time.
    And am now re-reading Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe".

  8. like this Simon - and yes it is still domestic as it is an interior (albeit an odd one, but as I think Jack Karouac commented - the ones for me are the mad ones)

    What a great challenge this has been, so interesting seeing everyone's pictures and reading their reasons

    thanks for sharing


  9. There's an award for you at

  10. This was quite a difficult one!

  11. Here's mine.

  12. Thanks for the idea. It was fun to do. Glad to see you managed to convincingly tie in some Escher. Escher occurred to me too, but only because I like it! But couldn't think of a rationale and had to regretfully let it go.

  13. This was an interesting exercise. I've posted mine on my blog:

  14. Finally finished mine! But I kind of had trouble finding one might think I have negated the spirit of the challenge. I offer my apologies in advance.

  15. Oops, here is the link:

  16. Hi Simon, nice to make your acquaintance. I've posted my image at

  17. I've finally chosen mine --

  18. I loved this exercise! I found it very hard, but I finally settled on an image:

  19. Great challenge, Simon, which I found thrugh Jackie at Farmlane Books. Here's mine:

  20. I've seen this posted on a few blogs but seeing it at Jackie at Farm Lane Book Blogs finally pushed me over the edge to do this too.

    Here is My Link

    Thanks for the great idea!

  21. Such an interesting challenge! I shall have to go in search of a photo ...

    Stop by my site and enter to win a copy of "This One is Mine" by Maria Semple!


  22. This is such a great idea! I have posted my picture here

  23. I am very late to this party, but i posted my picture (s) today.

  24. I found out about this challenge just recently, and I think it is a great idea. I've blogged the challenge here at my blog

  25. What an inspiring challenge - I just had to join in:

    Thanks for coming up with the idea!!!


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