Sunday 6 June 2010

Project 24...

Project 24 - #11

I thought of Colin when I bought my eleventh book this year, because one of his (failed) missions in life is to stop me buying copies of books I already have. Well, I already have three other copies of this book... but it's a personal favourite, and I don't have this edition with this introduction, and... well, I don't imagine I need to defend myself to you lot.

I bought it in the Albion Beatnik bookshop in Oxford, a lovely little shop which has both new and secondhand books (and, recently, a cafe - amazing how much they can fit in there). They shelve their new books by decade of publication, and even wrap up your purchases nicely:

But I will tease you no longer. The eleventh book I've bought this year is The Love-Child by Edith Olivier. I already have a couple Virago editions, and one from its first printing, but not this little gem - not only does it have a lovely dustjacket with an illustration by the Rex Whistler, it also has an introduction by Lord David Cecil. OH, it's just lovely. And another lovely thing is that my camera has started doing its classy-closey-zoomy function again, after sulking for a year or more. It's outlived several laptops, so I can't get too cross with it.

Hope you had a good weekend - and have a great week ahead of you!


  1. It is so exciting finding such a beautiful copy of a book you love. A fabulous decision for your 11th book!

  2. I agree - excellent decision Simon. I recently bought a lovely hardback of a book that I already own two copies of, just because it was beautiful.

    And I only discovered the Albion last month - it's pretty cool!

  3. A very relevant post, indeed! I am enjoying your lovely green Virago edition (you were, of course, sanctioned to buy another copy because one of your editions was on loan...)

  4. You couldn't have left it behind...who knows whose hands it may have ended up in!

  5. Of course you could have left it behind, who knows it might have fallen into the hands of Dark Puss!

    Interested that you are prepared to have multiple copies of a book at a time when you have so limited your purchasing ability for books you don't already own.

    I'm sure it will give you enormous pleasure.

  6. Only one more book this month Simon! Be strong - be very strong.

  7. Elise - I love that thrill of excitement I get when I see something like this on the shelf!

    Verity - it's a nice little shop, isn't it? And what was the book you bought?

    Claire - glad you're enjoying - and love your rationale there!

    Darlene - true!

    Peter - I never expected YOUR full approval on this, but you're right that it will give me great pleasure. It was a bit of an odd decision, given my strictures, but I'm trying to keep to books I know I'll love owning - this qualified!

    Mum - I'm doing better than everyone (myself included) thought I would! You might get a long list of desired books for my birthday, though...

  8. Oh what a lovely find! And Rex Whistler! Sigh. SO wish his life didn't end so early.

  9. Argh. I hope it didn't cost more than, say, 30p.

  10. I got another copy of Elizabeth Taylor's Game of Hide and Seek - the first edition hardback with dustwrapper - it's gorgeous and I couldn't resist it even though I have 2 Virago editions of it (but not the most recent pbk one). Now on the look out for other ET hbks...


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