Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Project 24: Halfway!

Remember those naysayers, who said nay, and so forth? In fact, they said these sorts of things...
  • 'GOOD LUCK, Simon! I wonder how many days you'll last? ;-)'
  • 'Is that IN 2010 or AT 20:10? I think the latter is more likely.'
  • 'Hilarious. I'll watch and laugh.'
    'I simply could not possibly do this. And I seriously wonder if you can.
  • 'WOW. I look forward to seeing how this pans out.....'
  • 'I'm still speechless at Simon's decision to curtail book-buying, and if the resolution were made by anyone less sincere, I would suspect a Publicity Stunt! I can hardly imagine not buying books when you live in *England,* the *home* of books'
  • 'Will you keep this up now that I tell you Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is in all good bookshops?'
  • (and perhaps my favourite...) 'what evs!'
That's what my faithful followers... well, I must be honest, lots of you lovely people were 100% behind me, cheering me and sending positive thoughts in my direction. And even, on occasion, forcibly dragging me away from bookshops.

But you'll be pleased to note that, at the halfway stage, I have bought (*drum roll, if you will*) 11 books! That's right - eleven. As in, one fewer than twelve. As in: I'm ahead of target!

And it's not been easy. Not by a long chalk. But I will persevere... and on December 31st 2010 I shall sit back, content, proud, and happy. And on January 1st 2011, I will empty my Amazon wishlist...

Here, in no particular order, are the books that have found their way to Stuck-in-a-Book's home in the past six months (remember that, as ever, you can click on the Project 24 picture in the top-right to see more details posts on all these books):


  1. Congratulations! I think this is such an admirable thing you are doing. I made it about 5 weeks without buying anything, then I allowed myself one book (a Virago "The Way Things Are" by E.M. Delafield, btw, a rare find in my neck of the woods!) Now I'm starting over with "how long can I go until I crack again?" Don't feel sorry for me - there are 203 books on my shelf just waiting to be read! It's time to tame the beast!

    So, if you empty your wishlist on January 1, I guess we can assume that next year will not be the year of "25?" ;)

    So glad you are making it - and I'm sure your piggy bank appreciates it! :)

  2. I have not been able to lay my hands on Delafield ever. 11 is not so bad is it? we are halfway through the year so I think you are doing very well.

  3. Libraries, dear boy. Libraries.

  4. Well, speaking as one of the naysayers, I can only say I eat my words. Well done.

  5. Well done you! I love the pictures of those books - very appealing.

  6. I'm impressed at how you're doing. I dread to think how many books I have bought this year. I had less books than you at the start of the year, now I have more. According to library thing anyway.

  7. Great job, Simon! *pat* *pat* *pat*

  8. I was a bit worried when you were starting to get ahead during some of the early months but you have, after all, done a fabulous job! You (and others) are really inspiring me to curtail my buying for a bit.

  9. Simon-

    I have been lurking around your blog for ages, but thought it was time to acknowledge my presence and your brilliance. :-)

    I am a huge reader of some of the very same authors, and also an identical twin; I live in Texas, but I am really a Brit.

    I competely understand your addiction to books, and find your Project 24 idea very admirable. I am not sure I could do it, but I try and re-try...

  10. Congratulations, I am very impressed with your self control. I have now started my own book ban, although I am not so confident about how long it will last!


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