Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Long Wittenham

I mentioned that I spent Monday in a lovely little village called Long Wittenham, and I thought I'd share some of my photos from the day. I chose the village more or less at random - I wanted it to be within an hour's drive, and somewhere along the river. I mosied (moseyed?) off on my own, because every now and then I need to get back to the countryside. I'd hoped to read a book there, but it was spotting with rain the whole time - not enough to be unpleasant, but enough to make reading rather hazardous. So I took pictures instead... at least until my camera battery died. Oh, and as I mentioned the other day, the zoomy bit of my camera has just started working again, so indulge me in close-ups of flowers that could have been anywhere...


  1. Praying my lavender comes out like this!

    I love taking short solo jaunts like this!

  2. I like even the sound of the village you visited! and the lavender looks so gorgeous.

  3. Looks very nice, thanks for sharing your photos. Just wish my garden looked like that!

  4. The pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them. Just one question (with the caveat that I am, alas, from birth a "city-slicker," and openly acknowledging my ignorance) what is the function of that curved-in fence?

  5. Oh this looks like such a lovely day out.

  6. I can never resist taking the flower photos either! What a lovely little place.

  7. How lovely! Really appreciating the lush green meadowy pictures on this drizzly day.

  8. Daniel - they're the best, aren't they? I love going on little trips with my friend, but sometimes going solo is also fun.

    Mystica - English village names can be wonderful! My housemate and I take trips to ones with silly names... Kingston Bagpuize; Horton-cum-Studley; Brightwell-cum-Sotwell; Thrupp...

    Cornflower - I know! When lavender comes out properly and thickly, it is so beautiful

    Booksman - don't we all?!

    Susan - it's a 'kissing gate'(!) It's basically a gate, but opens without letting livestock through (or, in this case, probably aimed at bicycles) You go in, and are supposed to kiss the person coming through behind you...(!)

    Hannah - thanks! You can't even tell that it was starting to rain ;-)

    ABS - it was great fun!

    Kristen - glad I'm not alone :)

    Polly - It made me want to move to the countryside...

  9. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing. Even the flowers that could be anywhere... I take pictures like that too because I love the simple beauties.


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