Wednesday 11 March 2009

Persephone Quiz

Some housekeeping to start with: firstly, as well as the old address, you can now get to this page at:

Secondly, Our Vicar reports that the left column has slipped on his computer... anyone else finding this? Sorry to harp on about page arrangements...

The week of celebrations continues. Pace yourself with the trifle and ice cream; you don't want to eat too much and get over-excited. Actually, since this is a Persephone party, we should probably have Madeira cake and Earl Grey. Much more civilised. Yesterday I made tiffin, but that consisted almost entirely of sugar, so perhaps not a good idea.

Today's post might just be for the dedicated Persephone fan, as I've put together a little Persephone quiz... no cheating, now. See how many you can get right...

1) Dorothy Whipple is the author with the most Persephone books under her belt - who's second?

2) Three of Persephone's books were originally published in the 19th century. How many can you name?

3) Which Persephone reprint has sold the most copies?

4) One of the Persephone titles has been filmed as The Reckless Moment (1949) and The Deep End (2001) - which one?

5) By my reckoning, 7 of the Persephone authors are male - name as many as you can!

6) Which Persephone novel features the character Alex Clare and a convent?

7) Which Persephone author's real name was Kathleen

8) Name the longest and shortest Persephone books.

9) Fill in the place names in Persephone titles:
Good Things in --- : Florence White
Farewell --- Square : Betty Miller
The --- Stories : Katherine Mansfield
A --- Child of the 1870s : Molly Hughes

10) And, a really difficult one to finish with, can you remember the titles of the Spring 2009 Persephones, yet to be published!


  1. Argh, it's been too long since I last browsed the catalogue!

    1) Marghanita Laski
    2) Amy Levy's book (title was a man's name); The Runaway?; The Young Pretenders
    3) Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
    5) Leonard Woolf; Duff Cooper; RC Sheriff
    7) Katherine Mansfield
    8) Few Eggs and No Oranges; The Victorian Chaise-longue
    9) England; Leicester; Montana; London

  2. 9. Farewell Leicester Square

  3. I can't answer any of these (oh the shame), but I can tell you that the left hand column has indeed slipped, and your blog colours have got considerably greener ....

  4. Like the Carbon Copy I'll have a go at one for the moment

    3 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

    and I think

    7 Katherine Mansfield

    On mine the left hand column is back in place - a temporary aberration no doubt.

  5. Not doing the quiz but about your new layout: it's fine when viewed using Firefox; in Internet Explorer the left hand column has slipped as others have reported.

  6. I give up... I've done all I can... hopefully it will work (going a little crazy!)
    Will email it all to a technical friend and ask him what's what.


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