Monday 9 March 2009


(Firstly, make sure you don't miss the previous post on Mary Ann Shaffer's favourite books - it's so interesting, and may be hidden by my unusual trick of posting twice in one day)

Hopefully you'll have spotted a change or two at Stuck-in-a-Book! I've spent the morning playing with HTML, using websites written in language so simple that even I go understand it... so, feedback please! Does the new three-column look work on your computer (I know it's different on different screens - let me know if one of the columns has disappeared to the bottom of the page, or if everything has gone crazy). Less technically - what do you think? Better or worse??


  1. Looks great on my laptop.

  2. I have to scroll slightly to see the right column, but that might just be my computer. Otherwise, looks great to me!

  3. Looks OK Si - is this what we in the business call a displacement activity or have you completed the Essay / Thesis?

  4. I like the new look how did you get it to do this? I wanted mine as three columns! Am most jealous!

  5. This aptly named website told me how to do it!
    (links of the side to the earlier tutorials on how to do it)
    It didn't work exactly how they said it would - I ignored all the stuff about header and footer because they weren't in my blog's HTML, and when I added the new column I had to change '$startSide' to 'right'
    Then I played with margins for ages.
    Good luck!

  6. the three columns looks good Simon, my only problem is with the background - sometimes the spots dance in front of my eyes!

    But then old age is creeping on apace...

  7. Like Tiffany, I can't see around half of the right-hand column without scrolling. I'm using Firefox, so it's probably just because the HTML is optimised for IE.

    To browser-proof a layout (make it display properly in any browser), you specify the widths as relative percentages rather than as absolute pixels. As percentages are relative, the layout will automatically adjust to display properly in IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera etc. If you want to know how to do this:

    I'm studying IT at the moment, so I hope that wasn't too technical :).

  8. Thanks for the link, Evie, I've done my best with it! Is it working better now?

  9. Very nice! Makes much better use of my monitor - I like a website that works well in widescreen. Learning a bit of HTML can be very useful, especially when Blogger's post editor doesn't do quite what you thought it would. Lets you do stuff like this in comment forms too.

  10. Yes, it's looking so much better in Firefox now.


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