Thursday 12 March 2009

Persephone Quarterlies

Is it a coincidence that this week of grey-covered celebration is also one where I'm shaking my fists at modern technology?

Today we're moving onto Persephone Quarterlies - if I were feeling in a literary theory mood I'd describe them as institutional paratexts, but as it is I'll call them journally bookish things.

There are 32 PQs and, so far, four Persephone Biannuallies, since the books started coming out every six months instead of every three. Accompanying the new publications of Persephones, the first few pages are always concerned with the new titles - the authors' biography and some details about the books. But there is so much more to these. Elaine from RandomJottings very kindly gave me a present of all the past PQs - and so I've been able to read along with the very early PQs, which really make the reader feel they're part of the process.

I'm heading to bed, so can't think of anything more that I wanted to say about the PQs... except that they further demonstrate why Persephone are both so great and so addictive. They make readers feel even more involved in the company, and love the books as a collection. I can't think of any other publisher which strikes the chords of nostalgia and community in quite the same way.


  1. I am enjoying your pieces on Persephone Books and share your enthusiasm for these lovely books. I enjoyed your quiz a couple of days ago as well

    On the subject of modern technology,I use firefox and have no problems with reading your pages.

  2. I'm rather new to the Persephone Books but am already hooked. I want them all! I've also been enjoying the Persephone Fest this week. Thanks as always for some great posts. By the way, I just recently signed up to get the quarterlies. I can't wait!

  3. I really want to give some Persephone books a go. Which ones would you recommend? I am going to watch the film version of Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day tonight!

  4. Hope you enjoy the Miss P film! It's a bit fluffy, but good fun. I think any of Dorothy Whipples books are a great place to start, but have added some suggestions in the next post...

  5. Lucky you with that nice collection!


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