Monday 23 March 2009


I've been busy today writing my thesis on [clears throat] Semiotics and the Unspoken in 1890s and 1950s Theatre. Yes sirree. That's the subtitle, actually - the title is 'The Inheritance of Props', an oh-so-funny pun that not many people have understood. The Inheritance of Loss... The Inheritance of Props... geddit? Never mind.

So I'm afraid this is another relatively book-less blog. I actually have a little pile of ones I've finished recently which I want to writ
e about, but all require rather more brain power than I currently have - so instead I'll point you in the direction of something I discovered after my recent post on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (possibly the most delight I've taken in a blog post ever, it was such fun).

Not only has Alice found her way to Simon at Savidge Reads (you can often see us both commenting on the same blogs, Simon S and Simon T, endearing really) but also to the silver screen. According to there have been 26 films or TV programmes with 'Alice' and 'Wonderland' in the title - irritatingly most follow my pet peeve of calling it 'Alice in Wonderland' rather than 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. Tsk! BUT the one I wanted to draw to your attention will be coming out in 2010 - and who else but Tim Burton could direct it? He really is the perfect choice - his zaniness and humour should go perfectly with Lewis Carroll's.

And it's got an impressive cast, too. Since it's Tim Burton we of course have Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, and alongside them are Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman (I can hear Elaine's shrieks of joy from here), Stephen Fry, Timothy Spall, Michael Sheen, Christopher Lee, Geraldine James, Frances de la Tour, Crispin Glover... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is one of those texts where parts could be given to more or less anyone. Stephen Fry will be the Chesire Cat - why not? And Alan Rickman the Caterpillar - sure, ok! Matt Lucas was born to play Tweedledum and Tweedledee, though.

And Alice? A relative unknown: Mia Wasikoska. She's only nineteen, so not quite the child Alice is supposed to be, but perhaps enough ingenue about her for it to work. I can't wait for the film - hopefully the wonderful story of Alice will survive all the stars being thrown at it, and the film will be a classic rather than a moving red carpet. Well, we'll have to wait and see - in the meantime I'm getting ready for a re-read when I'm at home...


  1. Sounds irresistible! CAN I cope with Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry and Christopher Lee all in the same film though?? This is surely a trial for the human heart if ever there was one.


  2. Wow! Thanks for the heads-up. I'm a big fan of all things Alice... I've got a huge local-artist caterpillar poster and an Alice incense holder. I still haven't read the book yet, but plan on doing that sometime soon - definitely before 2010! I'm glad you informed me about the Tim Burton movie though. I'm a pretty big fan of his work as well... definitely thought Coraline was a great movie.

  3. Once again S-i-a-B provides us with fantastic news.

  4. I feel quite well-informed:

    1) I picked up on the allusion of your thesis title.

    2) I've known about the new Alice fot some time; Depp was born for the role of the Mad Hatter, and Stephen Fry the Cheshire Cat.

  5. The film sounds brilliant. I am hoping to crack open my copy later on today and have a feeeling it might be devoured all in one sitting, not a bad way to spend a birthday in the park with a great book... well am hoping its going to be as great as everyone says.

  6. The new film sounds interesting.

    Have you ever seen Jan Svankmajer's Alice? It's a full length film, but here are a couple of clips from youtube to get the flavour.

  7. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I will be sure to keep my eyes open for it coming out.

  8. Alan Rickman...yes Simon I shrieked.
    And surely Timothy Spall has to be the White Rabbit.

    I remember years ago watching the Jonathan Miller production on the Beeb in the days of black and white and finding it very weird, wonder what I would make of it today?

  9. I've been looking forward to this since I heard about it... I much preferred Burton's version of Charlie and am sure his Alice will outshine the insipid Disney version.


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