Tuesday 24 March 2009

The Letters

Fiona Robyn has been going on a blog tour with her book The Letters. Here's her intro to the novel:

Violet doesn't have the best people skills in the world, but when she moves to the coast after her divorce she's determined to become a part of the community. She's just finished a stormy relationship with a new lover when mysterious letters start arriving on her doorstep. They're written by a young girl who's staying in a mother and baby home, and they're dated 1959. Who is this young girl, and why are the letters being sent to Violet?

Think you'll agree it sounds very enticing... but sadly I didn't find time to read The Letters before my allotted blog tour spot (what with the theses and all) - so instead I decided to challenge Fiona to a little game, involving the *other* sort of letters! A bit of a tangent (and do go find out more about the book or Fiona's blog tour at her websites) but it really makes me want to read the copy I've got...

A, B, C - three adjectives to describe The Letters
Bolshy (well, the main character Violet is)
Cat-filled (this is a new adjective as I got stuck)

D - if you like d_____, you'll like The Letters (this could be any word, a book or not)
Digging home-grown new potatoes from the dark crumbly earth

E - something to do while reading The Letters
Eat cake, of course.

F - someone to give The Letters to
Your best Friend.

G, H, I - you're making a menu to serve with The Letters... what do you serve?
Greek salad
Horseradish (the only other food-stuff I could think of was haddock and I hate haddock)
Ice-cream (very expensive ice-cream, maybe pistachio)

J, K, L - three adjectives to describe yourself

M - favourite character in fiction beginning with M?
Owen Meany (from John Irving's marvellous A Prayer for Owen Meany)

N, O, P - find three words in The Letters beginning with these letters, to pull us in...

Q - favourite word beginning with Q?

R, S, T - three books you love?
Anything by Raymond Carver
Sit Down and Shut Up, Brad Warner
Tinker at Pilgrim's Creek, Annie Dillard

U, V, W, X, Y, Z - here's a challenge... try to write a sentence using words beginning with these letters...
Under very wet xylophones, young Zebras!


  1. I have been meaning to read The Letters too and I need to email the lovely Fiona back as well so thanks for the reminders of both... I am reading Alice at the mo in your honour!

  2. What fun. I liked that. Also room for a bit of fun with letters. I want to suggest 'Hominy' as a food beginning with H as I don't like Horseradish or Haddock, but actually Hominy sounds quite nasty too, although it has a great name. Perhaps there are few tasty H foods.


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