Saturday 19 November 2011

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

Our Vicar's Wife is staying at the moment, so give her a cheery wave.  Thanks!
Feeling sleepy this weekend, so we'll move straight onto the book, blog, and link - although I'll whisper a little advance warning for Monday... I'll be trying something a bit different, and another blogger will be along to help me...

1.) The book - came from the lovely people at Sort Of books, responsible for the wonderful Tove Jansson editions and my recently-reviewed Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles.  Basically, their books are beautiful and they don't put a foot wrong.  They spotted my review, and thought I might like Telescope by Jonathan Buckley.  This is their blurb, from the website:

Daniel Brennan, approaching the premature end of his life, retreats to a room in his brother’s suburban house. To divert himself and to entertain Ellen, his carer, he writes the journal that is Telescope, blurring truth, gossip and fiction in vignettes of his own life and the lives of those close to him. Above all he focuses on his siblings: mercurial Celia, whose life as a teacher in Italy seems to have run aground, and kindly Charlie, the entrepreneur of the family.

Enriched with remarkable observations on topics ranging from tattoos and Tokyo street fashion to early French photography, Telescope is a startlingly original and moving book, a glimpse of the world as seen by a connoisseur of vicarious experience.
More info here - but I'd be surprised if I didn't love it, given how similar my tastes seem to be to this publisher's own.

2.) The link - a lot of you will have heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where aspiring novelists scribble as fast as possible during November to create their first draft.  Well, Peirene Press (lovely Peirene Press, I mean) have created PeiShoStoMo.  Peirene Short Story Month.  I'm afraid I'm announcing this nineteen days late, but you still have a week and a half to write 900 words, if you're interested... more here.

3.) The blog post - you know I can't resist it when I find reviews of my favourite books, especially when they're wonderfully enthusiastic reviews.  This one, of Miss Hargreaves (which I've just finished for the sixth time) was actually written back in March, but I didn't see it then.  It's a lovely review, and the post includes a picture of the first edition dustjacket, which I hadn't seen before and which I love.  (It's not the one pictured... I'm saving the surprise for when you've clicked on the link.)  Oh, I flippin' love everything to do with Miss Hargreaves - every time I read it I love it even more, and wish ever more fervently that (a) I could have seen Margaret Rutherford play her on stage, or (b) Maggie Smith would play her in a film.  Please, please, pleeeeeeease.


  1. A very cheery "hello" from across the pond to your Mum! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi, OVW. Hope your boy is treating you like a queen.

  3. Greetings and salutations to OVW! And a nice link on Mrs. Hargreaves - I'm headed back over there to follow the link to the Frank Baker website.
    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi Si

    I note from the Frank Baker website that a biography of him was published last month (according to the website) or March 2010 - according to Amazon.

    Thanks for looking after mum

  5. 'Mum' was thoroughly looked after and spoiled rotten (including a thrashing at Scrabble..hey ho)
    It was lovely to be part of 'the house' for a couple of days and to pore over documents in the Ashmolean.

  6. Thanks, Simon, for the link to my blog and your emails. Finally managed to get in to leave a comment today.

  7. I've just posted a review of Miss Hargreaves on my blog too - and it was your comment on the back of the Bloomsbury edition that first led me here. I actually prefer Mr Huntley to Miss Hargreaves, but she is pretty wonderful! Maggie Smith would be perfect as her - shall we petition her?!


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