Sunday, 27 November 2011

Playing - and Song for a Sunday

After four and a half years, it felt like time for a little face-lift.   I have made myself a Blog Header for the first time! I hope you like it - the pictures I chose felt appropriate, and the paper-background is actually from a page of A Fairy Leapt Upon My Knee - the copy I own signed by David Garnett!   That's the same paper that forms my new background.  I have waved goodbye to my dots... for now, at least.

(Comment facilities back to normal, after all that kerfuffle, so I hope it works.  Or works as well as anyone else suffering the vagaries of Blogger, that is!  As always, if you have problems, let me know...)

Enough of that - let's have a song, shall we?  To be honest, I'm running out of unusual artists to feature... so you might well have come across Aimee Mann before, but 'Wise Up' is too beautiful a song to ignore.  Over to you, Aimee:

All previous Sunday Songs here.


  1. Looks Great, Simon!! Love it - and didn't really care for the dots anyway. But, I do love the new format - especially the header (photos).

    2nd try! Using my usual google ID & 2nd attempt (to get a word verification), I then got this mssg.:

    "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
    The following errors were found:
    Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration "

    But, I will try again with open ID or Name/url - though I don't have a url, I have used that one before.

  2. Thanks Nancy! I wonder what that Memcache value thing could mean... I hope it's not to do with new layout...

  3. Hello Simon,
    Very much like your new look - fresh, clear, a good header!

  4. Clever you -- very smart new look. Well done.

  5. Checkout the amazing Bellatrix and the Boxettes. You won't believe the "lip bass" she can produce! On MCS post yesterday.

    I like the look too but, as you know, we come for the content more than the wrapping!

  6. Really like the new look!

  7. I love the new look - all of it! Very clean and less distracting than the dots. Haven't heard Aimee Mann for ages, great song.

  8. I do really like the new look, very fresh faced and the header is spot on, very you.

    This is back to the old comments which still takes a couple of goes but at least I can still see what other people have said. So thats a bonus.

    I used to be on blogger but switched because anyone who wasn't on blogger seemed to be having a nightmare commenting, yet of course the reason is blogger want everyone to join blogger and have accounts.

  9. I agree, the new look is lovely, well done Simon!

  10. Great new look Simon!! I love the header. Nice and fresh and clean without being flashy!

  11. Oh, very smart. Especially the header which I would have know as you even without the words Stuck in a Book! I like it very much.

  12. I like the new look and am especially glad you kept the sketch of your own handsome self. Aimee Mann is a long time favorite. Have you seen the film Magnolia? The writer/director wrote it around her music.

  13. I like the new look - especially your header :o)

  14. I love the new header, Simon! I'm bored with mine and considering a new theme for the new year. I'm artistically challenged but you've inspired me and given me hope!

    Enjoy what remains of your Sunday...

  15. I love the new header, Simon. And the new layout is clean and easy to read.

    Re: ongoing comment problems (and one reason why I rarely leave comments here, even though I read all your blog posts) ever thought of switching to Wordpress??

  16. Great header, Simon - I really like the new design.

  17. Love the blog - even more now the dots are gone :-)

  18. Hi Simon,

    I work in IT at a university with a bunch of young guys who live and breathe this stuff. You probably have tons of resources to figure this out -- bet you have it licked before I can get an answer -- but, I did send out an email with the memcache error to see if one of them knows what it means.

    kimbofo mentioned wordpress. I read somewhere that wordpress is more secure than blogspot. I believe it has to do with whether 3rd party javascript scripts (such as librarything uses) are allowed.

  19. Love the new look. The header really suits and the parchment background looks like a book journal page. Nice work!

  20. The decorators have done a lovely job - it looks like you and it looks fresh and new at the same time. Very clever!

    And now I have to rifle through the cd cabinet to find out which album Wise up was on.

  21. Ooh! I love it, especially the header. I liked the dots, but I think that this is a fine improvement!

  22. Deborah - thank you very much!

    Harriet - it certainly took me a while, but I'm pleased with the result :)

    Peter - quite so, it helped me to remind myself of that when I was in torments over changes!

    Spangle thank you so much :)

    Annabel - thank you very much! I appreciate that. And this is the only Aimee Mann album I have (soundtrack to Magnolia) - must look out for more.

    Simon S - yeah, I gave up on the comment changes - every couple of years I give it another go, it seems! Blogger has many advantages, but also seems very unfriendly to non-Blogger users...

  23. Helen - thank you so much, I appreciate that!

    Rachel - aww, thanks! I always admire your layouts, so was hoping for your approval :) For the same reason, was delighted about your comment on my cemetery post - because you're so good at those sorts of posts.

    Catherine - thank you! And I'm pleased that I've formed my online identity so that those pictures matched it - they really are very 'me', aren't they!

    Ellen - haha, yes, the sketch was going nowhere! I haven't seen the film Magnolia, although that is the album on which I have Wise Up. What other albums should I look out for?

    ABS - thank you so much :)

  24. Laura - thank you! I do find it oddly scary, making changes like this, but it is fun too. I love the simplicity of your current look, but will always come and say lovely things about any changes you make!

    Kim - thanks :) And yes, I have thought about Wordpress, even to the extent of registering there... (and I use it for a book group website) but I do prefer the behind-the-scenes of Blogger. It's a quandary! I am attached to Blogger now, so will just have to wait for them to improve...

    David - thank you, I appreciate that!

    LaurenAnne - thanks :D

  25. Margaret - that's very kind of you! I'm not tech savvy myself - when I make changes in the HTML here, I find tutorials online that make it all very simple. And I make sure to save templates beforehand! I don't know what 3rd party javascript scripts are, but if it means I wouldn't be able to have LibraryThing, that would be sad!

    Susan - thank you! I was hoping it looked like a journal rather than one of those awful 80s photobooth backgrounds... I do love that it is the paper from my beloved book, too.

    Jane - aww, thank you - I am glad it's still obviously 'me', I didn't want to lose my identity. Wise Up was on the Magnolia soundtrack, but I don't know if it's anywhere else as well...

    Dan - thank you, kind sir!

    Mary - lucky I can hide behind my graphics - you now know that I am not remotely glamorous in the flesh!

  26. I really, really love the new look. It is more cheerful somehow, more welcoming. Good job!

  27. Nan - thank you! It does feel warmer, doesn't it? I'm very pleased :)


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