Monday 28 November 2011

Henry Green Week with Stu

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments - they do mean the world to me.  I get very nervous about changing how my blog appears (goodness knows why I would get nervous about it, but... I do!) so I'm chuffed to bits.

A quick post today - something I missed out of my last Weekend Miscellany, because I hadn't spotted it - Stu (from the blog Winston's Dad) is planning Henry Green Week January 23-29 next year.  I announced all the way back in May that I intended to read some of my newly-acquired Henry Green novels soon.  And, of course, I still haven't - but I'm more than keen to join in with Stu's planned week.  Basically, pick one or more Green novels and join in!  These are the ones I have at my disposal:

Doting, Back, Party Going, Blindness, and Concluding.

I can't decide between starting with Blindness, because it was his first - or with Party Going, because it's the one I've heard great things about.  Or maybe even both!

Let me know - and let Stu know - if you're thinking about joining in... c'mon, if you all did it for Anita Brookner, you can definitely do it for Henry Green.


  1. I could find only one Henry Green amongst the old Penguins, no. 958 Loving. It was recommended to me recently as a book I should read soon, and so I think I will join you and Stu, and read it in January.

  2. I'm in! I want to read Loving because it is on the Modern Library's 100 best list. Two birds, one stone.

  3. I will definitely join in because I am already a massive admirer of Henry Green. I have read Loving and Party Going and am actually reading Concluding at the moment. Loving has been my favourite so far. He is a truly remarkable writer and not nearly well enough known. So this is a great idea.

  4. Karyn - I did spot that Loving was a Penguin, and hoped you might join in with that one!

  5. Ruthiella - lovely! I'd better pick a more obscure one, though, to balance out all the Loving reading...

  6. Harriet - I was trying to find your Green reviews, but couldn't find them through Google. You are part of my inspiration to dive into Green!

  7. Very much like the blog facelift!
    I've always wanted to read Green, too. I waver between LOVING and PARTY GOING as my Green entry point. I need to add more variety to my reading next year. The crime fiction inundation left me wanting in the last half of this year. Found A LOT of duds I never finished reading. I always feel cheated and I've wasted my time when that happens.

  8. Simon they are here
    and here
    and a review of Concluding will be up tomorrow!

  9. Simon I love the work you've had done with the place! I meant to tell you yesterday but alas my internet cut short as I was commenting! Blasted free neighbor internet!

  10. I'm definitely joining in with this, I've only read a couple of Henry Green novels but loved them. He should be better known. Thanks for letting us know Simon!

  11. I have Loving, Living and Party-Going sitting unread here, so will make a note to join in.

    Like the new look, by the way!

  12. John - thank you! And those do seem to be the most popular Green choices, so perhaps you can't go wrong with those. Finishing a mediocre book does always feel like a waste of time - somehow worse than reading a bad book, because then at least you feel you can give up at any point.

    Dan - thank you my friend! (And the perils of living outside the law!)

    Helen - lovely, I shall look to you for advice when the week rolls around!

    Tanya - thank you so much :) And I look forward to your participation in Henry Green week!


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