Friday 25 November 2011


So far in November I have...

Tried and failed to take a photo of Sherpa.

Tried and succeeded to take a photo of Sherpa.  (Doesn't she look daft?)

Taken a photo of my Mum playing Scrabble.  (She was less likely to scamper away.)

Made a road-trip-themed-collage-covered notebook for my housemate Mel.

Taken icing sugar from a box of kitchen stuff left on the street.

Appreciated autumn.

Attended a proper village Christmas fayre.

Gone jumping in the street.

I've also done a fair amount of reading, but people tend not to take photos whilst I'm doing it.  For which I am quite grateful...


  1. Hi. :)
    Your cat is adorable! And that's some nice collage you've got going there.

  2. Looks like an excellent November to me!

  3. It all looks wonderful, most esp. the village fayre.

  4. You cheer my soul. Carry on larking about! By the way, if you're ever short of money, you might consider bottling your gloriously optimistic and cheery outlook and selling it. You'd break the bank.

    Your blog occupies a very pleasant corner of my life. Thank you,


  5. Was your mum playing anyone at scrabble, or just enjoying the success-certainty of a solo game?

  6. Your mum looks so lovely. :-) (And the kitten's very cute too...)

    Cath @ read_warbler

  7. The recent acquisition of icing sugar means it can't be long before there's cake...


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