Wednesday, 13 July 2011

You wait ages for one obscure book to be reprinted...

...and two come at once!

Verity alerted me to the fact that Greyladies will be reprinting Richmal Crompton's Leadon Hill - it's one that I own (and paid an extortionate amount for) but haven't read, but I'd always be delighted to have more RC in print.

And Jane is blowing the fanfare for a reprint of Leo Walmsley's Love in the Sun - I'm sure I'm one of many who read her enthusiastic review last year, or perhaps longer ago, and wanted to read it but couldn't find an affordable copy. The Walmsley Society is reissuing it at the end of July.

Any other upcoming reprints or translations you're excited about?


  1. I've been waiting almost a year for the English translation of Haruki Murakami's massive new book IQ84. It doesn't come out until October in the U.S.

  2. CB James, you beat me to it! The Murakami is the book I'll buy in 2011 for sure.

  3. Oh that is good news - I have been desperate to read Love in the sun since Jane reviewed it

  4. One of the (many) reasons that I enjoy coming to book blogs is being exposed to books that I would *never* have heard of otherwise.

    So, no, don't have a book I am waiting to be published, but am happy to add even more titles to the tottering TBR pile...

  5. C B James - I still haven't read anything by him.. but, as a Tove Jansson fan, I know what the long wait for translations feels like...

    Peter - good to plan ahead! One book, eh? I wonder if I've bought any books released in 2011, thinking about it... probably not.

    Verity - haven't we all!

    ravingreader - oh, you will never be short of suggestions... none of us ever are now!


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