Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

Happy weekend, everyone. My week has included maximising the number of books I can fit in the shelf above my bed - which calls for horizontal shelving, rather than vertical (see below). My Saturday won't be very weekendy, as I'll be heading into the library to try and meet my chapter deadline next week - but Sunday has several fun events planned, one in particular I'm looking forward to - Diana Birchall will be visiting Oxford!

It seems to have been quite a while since I did a Weekend Miscellany - has it? - but I'm ready and waiting for a book, a blog post, and a link.

1.) The link - I found the idea behind this article fascinating, even if I haven't read many of the books mentioned: it's authors famous for the 'wrong' book. I.e. they've written better ones than the one which everyone knows about. I'm going to mu
ll this over, and probably come up with a blog post myself about it... (Oh, and I can't remember who pointed me in the direction of this article, but I suspect it was someone on Twitter in one of my brief sojourns there. Thanks!)

2.) The blog posts - are a wonderful series, recommended to me by a fellow blogger at the TV Book Club outing, of Weird Things That Customers Say in Bookshops. That link should take you to all the posts the blogger, Jen Campbell, has labelled in this series, although you may need to scroll down a bit to get to one of the listy-posts. They're HILARIOUS.

3.) The book - and if you can't wait til Jen's book of these gets published, there's always this one to hunt out: Bookworm Droppings (awful title, but fun contents) by Shaun Tyas. (Sample: "Do you have Anne of Clark Gables?") Basically it's the same idea as Jen's proposed book... still, a good idea is a good idea. You can get it for 1p plus p&p on at the mo!


  1. Heh. Anne of Clark Gables! Love it.

  2. What lovely piles of books! I'm all for maximizing space. Have a great weekend and hope you and Diana have a good day in Oxford!

  3. Two beautiful bookshelves standing - empty - on the landing - waiting for you to arrive and fill them!!!!!!

  4. Loved the "weird things that customers say.." - I had to read several out loud to dh and we were both lol. I haven't started horizontally shelving yet, but that may be in my near future (along with a little culling - gasp!). Looks so inviting. Have a great weekend!

  5. Nicola - you couldn't make it up, could you?

    Danielle - I have snared two new bookcases at home, apparently (see ovw's comment!) - so might not have to go to such desperate space-saving measures for a little bit!

    Mum - trust me, I shall have NO problem filling them...

    Susan - isn't it fun? All my increasingly desperate space-saving measures are to avoid the even-more-desperate feat of culling!


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