Sunday, 31 July 2011

Song for a Sunday

I remember when I first heard Amy Winehouse sing - it was on some Saturday morning music show, and she had yet to release her first album. She sang something from it - I don't remember which song, and at the time I didn't even like the song itself all that much. But her voice. I couldn't believe it was coming out of her - that rich, soulful, jazzy voice. I think it is best shown-off in this beautiful rendition of 'Love is a Losing Game'.


  1. She was so gifted. May she rest in peace
    Helen xx

  2. A fabulous talent, I loved almost everything she did musically. She will be greatly missed.

  3. This is indeed beautiful. A terribly tragic loss. Many thanks for posting it.

  4. Just gorgeous. Perhaps she will feel more at peace and happier now...

  5. I will miss her voice so much .. thanks for posting.


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